Sieg Fail


John McDonnell-praised website Labour Hub producing an article replicating half of Adolf Hitler’s 25-point 1920 manifesto should come as no surprise. The National Socialists would be proud at the comportment of this New Old Labour Party which has become an ideology-driven, big state bandwagon for thuggish, thieving dropouts and is riddled with antisemitism.

As Red Roar reports:

“Labour Hub is a new blog site which is rumoured to be run by Michael Calderbank, Co-editor of Red Pepper magazine, who shared the article on Twitter. The new site claims to be “a space for debate, where contributors will have the chance to advance and flesh out socialist ideas and shares Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell’s vision”. The blog site is seen as an update on Jon Lansman’s Left Futures, which appears to have been wrapped up, with no new content since February. Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott wrote an article for Labour Hub on police funding last week.”

The article getting past the Labour Hub editors is amusing, perhaps.

But on the ground we have a British Jewish population worrying like hell about the Labour Party’s spiralling levels of antisemitism and increasing violence towards Jewish activists – particularly when they try to attend Labour political events. Take the case of Sharon Klaff – an elderly pro Israel activist who was assaulted outside a London event on October 17th which had been convened to discuss Jeremy Corbyn, Palestine and antisemitism.

Labour’s closeness to Corbyn’s friends – the Klaff event featured speakers from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition and Jewish Voice for Labour, which supports Corbyn and gives a hard time to Jews – is already its undoing. Alas, as the British populus increasingly sees through this once electable party, it will depend more on its Islamist block votes and be forced to play even more to an antisemitic audience.

The only positive about today’s ugly situation – the hijacking of what was once the party of the honest working class – is how brazen its antisemites have become. In an age of ubiquitous cameras and audio devices, they are well and truly out in the open, whereas in the past they’d hide out in fora online, often behind generic monikers and without allies in mainstream politics. Confident enough now to bar anyone with a Jewish-sounding name from their silly events, we know who they are.

News yesterday that the police are launching a probe into Labour’s antisemitism – into allegations of antisemitic hate crimes linked to Labour party members – could not come soon enough. The radio station LBC received an internal Labour dossier detailing 45 cases involving messages posted by party members on social media, including one that read: “We shall rid the Jews who are a cancer on us all.”

Time to end antisemitism in the UK and end this repugnant version of Labour.

To the likes of Sharon Klaff, we salute you. Maintain your bravery and you will win.