The Food Bank Con


Ask any Corbynista to explain why food bank usage is on the increase and they’ll respond in a hand-wringing frenzy of self virtue and hysterical ranting:

“People are literally starving to death, pensioners are freezing to death, frozen solid in their Shackleton’s arm chairs, disabled people have been murdered by the government, people are dying in hospital cupboards and the Tories are running around eating the children.”

Maybe I should ask somebody else, you know, somebody who isn’t in need of some serious couch time or wearing a straitjacket. So now I’ve ruled out every Corbynista in the U.K. who else could I ask? I know, I’ll ask somebody who has actually done some digging, some investigation work, somebody who appeared in my Twitter DMs and openly spoke about what they’d uncovered as an investigative journalist and agreed to meet me to discuss their findings further, so here goes….

The Trussell Trust have a reputation for helping those in need via their extensive network of food banks. Indeed, they handed out 1,332,952 food parcels to the ‘needy’ in 2017 but why do food banks seem to be opening up at such an alarming rate?

There are two answers to this question. Firstly, more & more people are realising how easy it is to get a week’s worth of free shopping. Secondly – and this was the wow moment for me – the Trussell Trust, who organise & peddle most of the food bank network, charge a £1500 ‘contribution’ fee and a £360 annual ‘service’ fee to be paid by all those persuaded to set up a food bank. Not only is it very easy to set up a food bank but the Trussell Trust will allow you to do it in any area whether it’s required or not.

Leftists will assert that food banks are strictly controlled and that stringent checks are in place so the system can’t be abused – not true! My contact has on numerous occasions tested this lefty myth and discovered it’s simply a case of using one of the following three lies:

  • their partner had spent all the housekeeping money on booze and they had nothing left to buy food for the children.
  • they had lost their purse/wallet and couldn’t feed the children.
  • their partner had left them for another man/woman and taken all the money to feed the children. Every time one of these lines were used, my contact was given food.

In an effort to see things from the inside, my contact volunteered to work in several food banks. In that time they witnessed people chain smoking, drinking alcohol, many had smartphones and they always left with food packages. One person was overheard discussing with a friend how they went on holiday with the money they’d saved from not buying food.

The truth is that both the food bank operators and the Trussell Trust themselves have a huge vested interest in ensuring these food banks operate to maximum levels because there happens to be an ever expanding industry built on the back of them.

For every food bank open for business, the Trussell Trust receives their £1500 initial payment and £360 on an annual basis. The food bank operators are free to register their individual food bank as a charity and of course can run their own events, fundraiser activities, take donations from local businesses and then decide whether they take a salary and how much. Supermarkets earn kudos and advertising by donating food and encourage their shoppers to donate food. According to the Trussell Trust, in 2014-15 they provided food banks in the Trussell Trust network with £1.68m worth of funding through their partnership with Tesco, £921,000 of donated goods and £137,000 of financial grants. These are the latest published figures, so based on the increased usage that we hear so much about you would have to assume the funding has increased also. Take into account the events, fundraiser activities and donations from local businesses for individual food banks and it’s easy to see how food banks have become such a lucrative cog in the poverty industry. How very capitalist of them!

Because of the fees the Trussell Trust charges and the huge sums of other monies involved, it is in Trussell’s best interests to open as many food banks as it possibly can, needed or not. The fact that anybody can open a food bank anywhere they choose to with Trussell’s assistance, provided the food bank operatives cross Trussell’s palm with the appropriate pieces of silver supports this claim and, as with all things that are free, it’s simply a case of opening the doors and waiting for the locals to turn up for their handout.

Before the food bank operatives can say “free stuff,” the food bank is operating to capacity, the donations come rolling in and on to the next opening. In the meantime, food bank usage figures increase, the left get to weaponise them, beat the government with a stick and all the time the cash is rolling in. Make no mistake, food banks are here to stay – the market says so.

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