Down the POMO Rabbit Hole


Pour a whisky.

The story goes that Neoliberal policy has over the last few years seen an explosion in so-called ‘crapitalism’. And if we as a society cannot find the strength to draw a proverbial line in the sand – and soon – then the venal and psychopathic race to the bottom prompted by ‘progressive’ politics shall morph yet again into hyperliberalism.

Now please don’t mistake this warning from the Postmodernists for mere hyperbole – we have ALL by now been ‘hypernormalised’ and now blithely accept the unhinged admonishments of people suffering from the prevalent schism with what we used to call – perhaps quaintly – objective reality.

Postmodernism is a mind virus. Think Salem and the witch hunts and the Spanish Inquisition on speed.

Transgender women now demand the right to undergo cervical smear tests! The mind boggles – we all know that a substitute orifice shall have to suffice, and that our highly-trained health professionals shall be expected to go along with this nonsense. Presumably any failure to play this warped adult version of Doctors and Nurses shall result in some form of punitive action for the hate crime of transphobia? And it’s us as taxpayers that are expected to foot the bill for this performance. If one single woman contracts cancer due to ever-lengthening queues for NHS smear tests and dies as a result – then the so-called trans community shall have blood on their hands, as shall each and every politician, manager and administrator that facilitated this boloney.

You simply have to understand that to these people science ‘is an ideology’ not a methodology. And just how insane is that? These people are odious you see (I’ve been through the transgender mill myself). They hate everything including themselves, as they have been indoctrinated to do so.

The truly perverse re-imagining of Marxist philosophy that put them where they are is designed to collapse capitalist society; to create absolute chaos in order to afford the totalitarian lunatics one more chance at creating their specious, unattainable utopia, reducing us all to drones.

It’s insidious stuff this – no one doubts that transgenderism exists in the Neomarxist arsenal of soft, social weaponry for one reason and one reason alone and that is to destroy society at a statistical level which, if achieved, shall cause chaos by knocking out the key difference between humans. How will it be possible to collect any kind of meaningful statistical data about anything when the gender division between people becomes so blurred as to mean nothing at all? Where does ‘violence against women’ get left when we no longer know for sure just who is a woman and who is a man? Equality of outcome forced on us – at great economic cost – by trading in our differences in exchange for joining the Postmodernist hive. One runs the risk of being arrested for a ‘hate crime’ in merely offering up a description of a perpetrator! To these people ‘objective reality’ is a form of ‘systemic oppression’ that is ‘racist’ to the core.

The tragedy is that almost the entire world runs on the benefits brought by science and capitalism – and these zealots (certainly, those bitter communists pulling their strings) know it. Inch by inch these bastards shall destroy our society if they are allowed. If no line is drawn in the proverbial sand. They don’t know when to stop, and their pseudomarxist nonsense marches hand in hand with the new, venal, hyperliberal attitude displayed by their compliant media owners that seeks to commodify absolutely anything and everything to dominate markets and thus suck the freedom out of them. All taboos must and will be smashed to smithereens. It’s for the common good you see. Jack Dorsey over at Twitter, or Jack Conte at Patreon, or Tim Cook at Apple shan’t redistributing their wealth at any time in the near future.

The commodification of child sexualisation is already now well underway – and being pushed onto our children at school and reinforced with a veritable tsunami of propaganda everywhere from comic books to Star Wars –  all designed to weaponise early teen angst and get kids to hate society, themselves, their bodies and their parents so much that they destroy their own families in favour of the insidious LGBT ‘glitter family’, (“D’ya wanna be in my gang – oh yeah!”).

No doubt soon we shall have the question of ‘born Zoophiles’ to deal with as a society. It’ll be Necrophiles after that… because once you START playing postmodern identity politics for minorities, you eventually scrape through the very bottom of the barrel into the moist earth itself. Maybe some people are just born with a sexual orientation towards the dead, no? Don’t oppress those corpses, you Necrophobic bigot, you! Without a red line – without any breaks, without any kind of lapse in the seemingly endless propagandising and indoctrination – our future looks grim. Can we allow these people to win?

The biggest of all the big questions for us now is whether this grim philosophy with its associated politics of identity we see spreading like cancer across the Western world can ever apply the brakes of its own volition? As the censorship and the propaganda continue unabated, and EVERYONE – Left Right and Centre – gets tarred as a ‘Nazi’ or ‘racist’ for even merely disagreeing or trying to open up a debate, we should all be able to see that the final piece of the Postmodernist jigsaw is tyrannical in nature as Communism always ends up). Dissent is simply NOT allowed.

So there it is. The Postmodernists’ New World Order is a combination of all the very worst of all the very worst ideas and philosophies of history wrapped up into a single noxious play for world domination. Let’s call this Hyperliberal Pseudomarxist Neofascism. And you can spot them a mile off – everything they do is festooned with the obligatory rainbow icon (their new, kryptonite hammer and sickle).