State of the Nation


The Sky News State of the Nation Survey paints a picture of a country that is deeply divided and doesn’t trust its political class or its mainstream media. One that is fearful for its economic future after Brexit – one that is racist and “Islamophobic”. Nearly 9 in 10 people think political leaders do not care about the public. (Sky Data interviewed a nationally representative sample of 2,883 GB adults online 4-14 January).

Even though most people in Britain describe themselves as “happy”, the reality that the Sky News survey portrays is a depressing one. Is this really the Britain we all know and love or did Sky Data stumble across some weird and whiny Remainer nudist camp?

It turns out that in our mad, web-enabled world, the Sky survey is just a veneer. The problem with surveys is they fail to reach angry people plotting on discord servers. And the big problem that Britain faces today is that people have been so politically inactive for so long that they are only just now waking up to the fact that decades of political apathy have resulted in a political class that is not fit for purpose. One where the Opposition is run by Britain-haters who refuse to ban Hezbollah and prefer to take orders from Moscow and IRA terrorists. One where the Government, which calls itself “conservative”, has become infested by social democrats (who are now proving themselves anti-democrats) who were allowed in to the party by David Cameron when he made the fateful error of thinking the only way to win power was by emulating Tony Blair. A venal, louche political class less bothered with constituents – preferring to get drunk in Westminster bars or pre-occupy themselves with selfies in parliament and Nando’s. A political class that cannot even get on with delivering the most-voted-for result the nation has ever requested at the ballot box. A political class that has forgotten to be servant when they are virtually guaranteed to be Lord.

The State of the Nation portrayed by Sky News is not the whole picture. Where is the mention of the growing hordes of Brexit voters who are ready to don yellow vests and trash every Labour office, Lidl supermarket and Mercedes dealership? Where is the mention of hitlists of Remain activists and MPs in circulation on message boards and across Whatsapp and Telegram groups? Where’s the reference to the planned forceful expulsion of Islamists from Britain and Europe? Or the discussions about importing weapons to take out these unwanted people who get in the way of British Democracy? And where are the mentions of a resurgent England, which has been strapped down for generations and seeks to breathe again, especially now all the so-called parasites and libtards have come out from under their stones and into the light thanks to social media?

You really do not need to dig that deep. Has the MSM culled its investigation units?

What is more credible? The Sky State of the Nation survey or the reality of what can be gleaned across the Web with a few clicks? Alas, it’s the latter. As Corbyn has shown, the nutty 7% can call the shots thanks to mass coordination enabled by the Web – the lunatics can and will run the asylum given the chance.

Maybe the political classes should look up more from their copies of the Evening Standard and The Guardian and surf the web in search of the growing numbers of fuming citizens?

Let’s be absolutely clear here. The threats flying around are nothing to approve or sanction. Brexiteers maiming or killing Remainers would reflect the savagery and fratricide of a rat-hole of a country as was Algeria during its civil war, as is poor, war-ravaged Syria today. Violence is not how we Britons should solve domestic tiffs, especially not in 2019.

Still, wake up, people, and see with your own eyes how the enraged are thinking. Instead of Twitter search Gab. Instead of Facebook scour some Telegram and Whatsapp groups. Instead of Reddit see if you can stomach some 4Chan. If you’re feeling really brave, venture onto the Dark Web, where you can find many “freedom fighters”. Venture into the pubs nearer closing time. Listen in to the conversations on the train – from a normal bloke in a suit last week: “I’d not tool up for Brexit but I’d tool up if that awful Corbyn got into Number 10”. Soldiers and policemen talking of their oath not to politicians but The Queen. Mere words? 

Jo Cox is no longer talking.

Read through the irate minority’s lines and do the maths. Taking No Deal off the table will be the “spark”. All eyes will be on Westminster on March 12th and, likely, the 13th. A Second Referendum will kick off the “blood-letting”. A revocation of Article 50 and the palaces of Westminster will “burn down again”. That is the State of the Nation today that the MSM understandably wants you to ignore – a rage which has no limits, from people who have grievances which go way beyond Brexit and echo sometimes from beyond generations.

The State of the Nation where a thoroughly respectable former policeman publicly dons a yellow jacket and gets lauded for it:

The State of the Nation where threats of violence are open and regular. This from Twitter just yesterday (we dare not print the threats on Gab or Minds):

And the State of the Nation where these kinds of words get thousands of likes across social media, as an outlet for the growing fury out there:

I think people within the UK need to start appealing to the common sense of police officers, that we are not their enemy. As the French police realised, their government was not their friend. By the police attacking us, all they’re doing is enabling the social decay that is going to result in the rise of attacks by unlawful groups.
Consider what the UK government have ‘achieved’ so far:
1) Spiralling knife crime epidemic in London that puts everyone, including officers, at risk
2) Massive Rotherham child abuse, which was enabled by the fact gangs operate with immunity due to the ‘shield’ of political correctness, resulting in officers either being powerless to prosecute or complicit in such disgusting crimes because the alternative was turning up dead
3) Massive budget cuts to policing, which is leaving police officers vulnerable at a time violence is spiralling out of control
4) Unprotected borders, increasing the odds of guns, knives, proliferating onto the streets, again, endangering police officers
5) Increase in trivial, mundane laws that serve no real purpose, such as laws against so-called “hate speech”, for example the arrest of the writer of the Twitter bomb joke which mocked the failed Glasgow attack, or the ‘Nazi dog’ (because we all know how threatening some virtual jokes are), meanwhile other crimes, child abuse, gangs, even rampant shoplifting, go practically uninvestigated
6) Lack of prisons meaning insufficient space to detain the increasingly violent perpetrators, often resulting in suspended sentences which do not act as a deterrant, leave people in fear
7) Privatisation of said prisons resulting in prolific drug smuggling issues, understaffing, mismanagement and effectively allowing the prisoners to implicitly run the place, again, not serving as a deterrant
8) Emboldened gangs now just straight violently mobbing, attacking police officers with impunity
Meanwhile police officers seem tasked with expropriating anyone who highlights these issues, criminal activities and enforcing trivial crimes that are token gestures that do not stem the underlying issues. Whilst the British populace are still tangling with the British police, it’s wasting our time, it’s wasting their time, criminals go free, when we need to team up and go after the corrupt elitists who enable this criminal behaviour with demented ‘soft touch policies’.
Might I remind you I am also a pacifist. And if a pacifist thinks you’re being too soft on crime, you have some serious issues.

UK politicians really need to wake up. For this is the State of the Nation in February 2019. And, until they deliver a meaningful Brexit as it was voted for, they must plan for the very worst, as any state better than this State of Mayhem will be a lucky bonus. Remain politicians and activists’ cards are already marked. The nutters are out to get them – as are many voters whose heads have grown hot – and they will burn our beloved country down unless we all tell them to stop.

The Remain camp – despite its money and celebrity – is nothing before these baying hordes. They will not know what has hit them. They will be torn to shreds. Let us avoid this outcome, which those kleptocrats wishing to hold the EU together would delight in witnessing from their glass towers across the Channel.