The Anti Semites’ Failing Smear


It was inevitable that the Labour Party – having failed before – would try and revive attacks on the Conservative Party for “Islamophobia”. After all, Anti-Semitism is consuming the Labour Party and it’s in the nature of Marxist nihilists to paint obstacles to their revolution with negative colours. Those pulling the strings of Corbyn’s Labour Party (Murray, Lansman, Butler, McDonnell, Milne and the like) know how to smear enemies and silence critics – Chinese Communist Party style.

The problems with the “Islamophobia” smear are threefold:

First, Islamophobia doesn’t exist. Andrew Cummins once said, in a quote often misattributed to Christopher Hitchens, that Islamophobia is “a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons.” There are no sane people in the UK who are scared of Islam. There may well be people who dislike Islamism, especially its violent forms, and there may be some people in Christian Britain who think Islam is as true as Scientology, but a fear (phobia) of Islam is non-existent. Islamophobia is a stupid word designed by Islamists – a terminological trap none of us should ever fall into using without displaying hazard warnings.

Second, the cases of anti-Muslim conduct in the Conservative Party are so infrequent as to be negligible. This month it emerged that Martyn York, a Conservative councillor for Wellingborough, and Dorinda Bailey, a former Conservative party council candidate, had facilitated or supported “Islamophobic” Facebook comments, including calls for mosques to be bombed. York was suspended from the party, and Bailey did not remain a member. 14 Conservative party members were expelled after they were found to have posted Islamophobic comments in a pro-Jacob Rees-Mogg Facebook group. So that makes 16 cases this year. Dealt with robustly. Comparable to Labour’s Anti-Semitism problem? Since April 2018, complaints relating to antisemitism had been received about almost 700 Labour members. Investigations had resulted in just 12 expulsions and 49 resignations from the party, and in 187 formal warnings. A different league in terms of scale and in quality of discipline management.

Third, the people complaining about the Conservatives’ fabled “Islamophobia” problem are either antisemitic Labour people or Islamists (who tend to be antisemitic too). Baroness Warsi is a well-known Islamist and one of David Cameron’s grave intake errors dating from his attempt to ape Tony Blair in the noughties – she has nothing in common with the Conservative Party and should do a Soubry. The Muslim Council of Britain said the Conservative Party was giving “bigotry a free pass” – the MCB are well-known Islamists and can be trusted as far as one can throw them. Meanwhile Islamist Mohammed Amin (Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum) has asked for an inquiry –  the CMF openly appeases Islamic radicalism. So have Labour’s Tom Watson (fond of his Sandwell Muslim bloc vote), Jeremy Corbyn of Finsbury Park Mosque, and Labour’s resident Islamist bigot, the MP Naz Shah.

Just as Anna Soubry and Heidi Allen made up stuff about Theresa May and coined the term Purple Momentum about an imaginary bunch of UKIP voters taking over Conservative constituencies, so Warsi and Labour’s desperate militants are hoping that the double fabrication of a Tory “Islamophobia” eats into the Tory Party and promotes their own biased causes.

Both Labour Marxism and UK Islamism are failing miserably. These sister extremisms continue to be exposed for their antisemitism and history of bloody failure. Meanwhile, despite Brexit, the Conservative Party miraculously holds itself together – this is vital for the future of our economy – and some would argue for our civilisation.