House of Muppets


What was the point of last night’s indicative votes? They have further humiliated Parliament and thus further diminished the view from abroad of the United Kingdom. This nonsense has to end.

None of eight alternative Brexit proposals brought by MPs secured backing in a series of Commons votes. The options – which included a customs union with the EU and a referendum on any Brexit deal – were supposed to help find a consensus over how best to leave the EU. The failure of any of them to garner support from a majority of MPs created a scene of chaos in the Commons and the looks of embarrassment on the faces of Sir Oliver Letwin, Margaret Beckett, Hilary Benn and the dreadful Speaker, Mr Bercow, were sights to behold.

For our politics, for businesses trying to make decisions, for all of us, divisions and tensions between and inside our government – and our Parliament – are too profound to bring this mess to an end. Clearly the House of Commons has been so reduced during the last forty years by the predominance of the EU that it has lost its purpose and attracted the wrong calibre of MP.

Europe meddling in the background does not help. The interference of weaselly Donald Tusk yesterday will be remembered for many years. Such meddling further entrenches Brexiteer resolve and – aside from the FBPE fanatics – Brits see the desperation on the EU side now. Why are the EU so desperate for us not to leave?


Perhaps the Commons do not see the uncertainty out there. In businesses in particular – who need to plan for the future rather than relying on a Government salary knowing that their party has a nice retirement home waiting in a quango or charity – are desperate for certainty. Surely if May’s deal fails to pass because of DUP intransigence then we should just get out of Europe on April 12th (March 29th would have been far more preferable)?

Mrs May’s offer of a resignation is welcome. Much has been said of her seeking a legacy. To be the Prime Minister over the current bunch of muppets occupying the green benches is as undesirable as a post-banquet kiss from Jean-Claude Juncker. Any kind of legacy seems besmirched forever by events like last night. British politics is sick and needs reviving.


Surely now a list of the MPs who voted for revocation or a second referendum last night should be made. To make a Brexit Alliance against them is not beyond the wit of Brexiteers. Whether Conservative, Labour or from another party, it is vital for our country that Brexit believers sit on the green benches after the next election. The Remoan element within Parliament will never stop plotting with the EU and need to go as soon as possible – the likes of Rudd, Leslie, Grieve, Clarke, Soubry and Umunna are treacherous and have worked against the will of our people.