Newton Says No


The Squires have been told of a brilliant campaign for saving the English countryside. The campaign is called the Newton Say No Campaign and its website can be found here. Blinkered local planners are preparing to destroy a breathtakingly beautiful area and fill it with ugly roads and houses – utterly unacceptable when there are plenty of brown field sites around, and nearby carbuncle towns like Plymouth could quite easily be flattened and re-planned.

Here in their own words is what the campaigners want:

“Newton Abbot in Devon is facing the greatest challenge of its 800-year history. Teignbridge District Council, in league with a very greedy and ambitious local farmer, is planning to double the size of the town and its population. The new houses will be built to the North, West and South of the town and will include pouring concrete all around the town’s greatest beauty spot, the Grade I listed Church of St Mary the Virgin and the rolling hills beyond. They will destroy Decoy Woods by putting a road through them. They are pouring concrete too on a zone of Special Scientific Interest and endangering the existence of a very rare species of bat. The plans go beyond all logic or reason. Why The Government wants new houses and is paying councils a stipend of £19,000 per new home. The governing body of Teignbridge District Council – NONE of whom live in Newton Abbot – want this money at YOUR expense. And while they do all this we will face 19 years of dust, noise, traffic and chaos. Unless we say No.”

The Squires wish Newton Says No campaigners the very best of luck and we look forward to publishing details of their noble and vital battle.