BBC’s Last Roll


It was always going to happen. Our public broadcaster the BBC is primarily funded by the licence fee, supplemented by income from commercial subsidiaries. And the number of licence fees received by the BBC has been decreasing markedly, principally because the word is out that BBC programmes are not worth £154.50 a year when competitors like Amazon Prime and Netflix return more value per pound, and they allow viewers to watch programmes they actually want to watch, rather than having to face idiots like Gary Lineker, Chris Packham and the multi-coloured, ethnic, one-legged lesbian brigade that the BBC Intersectionality & Postmodernism Department foist on viewers. So, now the BBC wants to rob our grannies and grandads, forcing them to pay a licence fee to watch Homes under the Hammer, Bargain Hunt and Britain’s Longest Road.

The decision to charge over 75’s has not gone down well – nearly 300,000 people have signed an Age UK petition opposing the move – but who else is there left for the BBC to rob? Presumably the BBC has commissioned research which says that over 75’s are more likely to dutifully pay their licence fee than the younger crowd who see through the sham that the national broadcaster has become?

The BBC say that if they did not take money from over 75’s then they would have to slash a fifth of its budget, the same amount it spends in total on running and making programmes for channels BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, BBC News, CBBC and CBeebies. So, what’s wrong with those channels being lost? There are private alternatives which we viewers can choose to watch or not. That is called The Market – a concept too many BBC staff are so scared of they cannot bear face a future away from troughing on public funds.

Public funds allow the BBC to be weird. Public funds permit the BBC to be unrepresentative of the people – of The Market. And it’s this unrepresentative nature of the BBC – it has become a hiding place for Marxists, the Rainbow Reich and those with agendas the people will never share – that has so many people so angry.

Piers Morgan accused the BBC of “total cowardice” during a debate on the axing of free TV licences for over-75s. The TV host labelled the ban “ironic”, claiming if pensioners did go to prison, they would “get television for free”. He’s not wrong – maybe a stay in jail will be the only way to get out of care plans foisted on over 75’s by councils which are strapped for cash? The BBC is simply not worth it – by the time my generation gets to be over 75 we will already have known about Netflix and others, so we will be less easily duped into forking out. The future of the BBC is extinction or market-oriented metamorphosis.

The BBC has no other pots of money it can conjure. This was the last roll of the dice. Now BBC staffers pray Corbyn gets in – even then they cannot be sure of a future. More likely the BBC gets opened up more to the market and the woolly jumper/dungaree crowd get eviscerated.

Not a bad thing.