Confessions of a Trot


When I converted to Trotskyism, which bigly disappointed my moderate Labour-supporting father, I discovered two eternal truths:

Firstly I found that I was constantly angry and dismissive of opposing views. I was right and anyone who disagreed with my sect was a class traitor with a false consciousness that had been brainwashed by the capitalist media.

The second thing I discovered was that the biggest enemies of the revolution weren’t the Tories, it was moderates within the Labour Party. A local organiser of the Militant Tendency explained to me that the biggest source of irritation to the politically and ideologically pure members of the socialists were the dullards who wanted evolutionary socialism rather than the revolutionary brand.

Now I have come to the conclusion that the reality of the situation is that the movements of the Left are like the poles of a magnet; that regardless of having a virtually identical agenda they in fact fight like cats in a sack over tiny differences of manifesto.

When I walked away from revolutionary politics, my interest in politics remained avid and I read everything I could lay my chubby mitts on. I had already read Marx, Lenin and Trotsky, so I read Gentile and Hitler as well as lots of political histories.

And I found a startling thing – Fascism and Communism are effectively the same thing. And that is why they fight so viciously, the same way as the Judean Popular Front fights with the Popular Front for Judea.

The Fascists were a state-adoring working class movement who embraced a big state that would encourage reliance from the people on government largess. They wanted Capitalism to be harnessed to pay for the government’s programmes and in return they would provide a compliant drone workforce. The Communists wanted to seize the means of production to pay for governmental programs. Both philosophies had a startling similarity. To enslave their respective populations.

If there is a fascist revolution in progress in the West it’s not being perpetrated by Boris Johnson or Tommy Robinson, nor by Tom Watson. It’s being perpetrated by Marxists. Every week it seems to unveil a new curtailment of freedom – if it’s not a purge on social media, it’s a witch hunt on legacy media.

I am the first to accept that there aren’t piles of burning bodies just yet. But I’m reading posts and tweets from devotees calling for deaths of those who disagree with them all the time. Are they nuts or how long might it be? History moves apace. When will one of these Communists or Fascists break through into government in Europe?

Paul Newall is a child of the 1960’s from a traditional Labour-supporting household. Paul dabbled with Trotskyism in the 1980’s but then “grew up and thanks to having responsibilities I slowly migrated across the political spectrum until instead of hating Maggie Thatcher I admired her for beating my side in the miners’ strike”.