Just Give it to Boris


Possibly there are only six things standing in the way of Boris Johnson’s triumphant entry into Number 10 Downing Street: the vanity of the five remaining candidates and Boris’ ability to put his foot in it (no doubt nervous Sir Lynton Crosby has considered using an electric dog collar on Johnson as the days of this leadership election pass).

Just give the keys of Number 10 to Boris now. Discipline – not division – is important now. Let’s face it, he was way ahead on Thursday with more votes than those received by Hunt, Gove and Raab combined. Boris – save calamity – will certainly be one of the last two standing and therefore he’ll be one of the two facing the Conservative associations, and they have shown repeatedly in polls that they will vote Boris against any of the possible opponents unless Margaret Thatcher resurrects.

So, what on earth is the point of weeks of Tory blood-letting? Some argue that it winds down the clock to Brexit but the Remain weasels showed just this week that the Conservative leadership election is not stopping them from attempting to take control of parliament. Some argue that the party must hear the various candidates’ views but we already know their views after numerous public interviews during weeks of this contest so far. Also, the enemies of Boris – of Brexit – are being given time to prepare for the obvious coronation, so why give them the chance?

Sajid Javid’s team has already openly stated that the leadership contest could “turn toxic” – and that the party should avoid what is described as the “psychodrama” of a Michael Gove versus Boris Johnson run-off. Sensible people gathered around a sensible candidate – their warnings should be heeded.

The fact is that the shires have had enough of politicking and want a leader with some gumption – a Boris – to get down to work and sort the country out after the years of damage caused by the May vacuum. And those inside the Conservative Party – sitting 4th in the national polls – want a clear-out of CCHQ, a new era of strength for the party and to avoid extinction, which only Boris has a chance of achieving. They call Boris the “fire-alarm option” – well, the Conservative Party under May and ground down by Sir Mick Davis has been smouldering away for far too long already.

The sounds out of Europe at the prospect of a Johnson premiership are already hopeful. One senior figure told the I paper “no-one is scared of him”, while the European Parliament’s deputy chief negotiator, Sophie in ‘t Veld, condemned what she called Johnson’s “populist lies”. They are clearly rattled at the prospect of Britain sending actual negotiators over the channel rather than the fawning communists May decided to send; and in Johnson they see Trump and that scares the hell out of them. 

Meanwhile the Left in Britain are going even more bonkers at the prospect of Bozza:

So, Tories, just give the man the job and put out the Tory fire. On Tuesday we should see the back of that oddball Stewart and only serious candidates will be left. At that point Johnson should offer the remaining candidates some decent jobs and they should concede as their Tory ancestors did so wisely – over a decent brandy and behind closed doors. Then onto the serious work of delivering Brexit, stamping on Corbyn and converting Farage to the joys of hill walking.