A Prayer of Thanks


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You are healthy and that life is treating You and Your loved ones well.

This week I would like You to look around You. It may be that You are looking at Your children, or photos of children. Look at Your home, Your car, Your pet. Look at the sky, the trees, the wildlife. Don’t look at the sun directly but appreciate its rays. Despite the many distractions, please this Sunday recognise You are a speck in a sea of wonder and please try to feel humble.

Too often in life we fail to register the beauty or the other-worldliness of God’s creation. We may be able to explain so much of it but so much still escapes our knowledge. We are far from gods yet so close to God. We may feel as we press our remotes that we do not need to move to manifest our human power but we are hardly godlike are we? Yet we are made in the image of God so we must have some innate capability.

Life is not fair but God is good. Feel reassured.

This week I would like You to recite the prayer below and be truly thankful. I wish You and Your family a peaceful Sunday and a wonderful week ahead. God Bless.

God of all blessings,
source of all life,
giver of all grace:

We thank you for the gift of life:
for the breath
that sustains life,
for the food of this earth
that nurtures life,
for the love of family and friends
without which there would be no life.

We thank you for the mystery of creation:
for the beauty
that the eye can see,
for the joy
that the ear may hear,
for the unknown
that we cannot behold filling the universe with wonder,
for the expanse of space
that draws us beyond the definitions of our selves.

We thank you for setting us in communities:
for families
who nurture our becoming,
for friends
who love us by choice,
for companions at work,
who share our burdens and daily tasks,
for strangers
who welcome us into their midst,
for people from other lands
who call us to grow in understanding,
for children
who lighten our moments with delight,
for the unborn,
who offer us hope for the future.

We thank you for this day:
for life
and one more day to love,
for opportunity
and one more day to work for justice and peace,
for neighbours
and one more person to love
and by whom be loved,
for your grace
and one more experience of your presence,
for your promise:
to be with us,
to be our God,
and to give salvation.

For these, and all blessings,
we give you thanks, eternal, loving God,
through Jesus Christ we pray.