For the Disaffected not You


News that Labour are bottling a no confidence vote in Boris Johnson’s Conservative Government comes as no surprise. This is the party that volte-faced from Leave to Remain and whose key lieutenants disagree on a pact with the SNP. This is the party that met with Barnier and Verhofstadt in the back corridors of Brussels and Strasbourg when Theresa May was trying to negotiate a withdrawal deal. Labour’s leadership mixes with black flag Islamists and IRA supporters; its activist arm Momentum has spawned a generation of Labour trolls and smear-merchants. Labour has forgotten what remains of the working class and has become the party of the disaffected – the losers’ party, run by a Commie in a shell-suit.

No doubt more competent political operators than those running the hijacked Labour party will manage to have a crack at thwarting No Deal over the next two months. With a bit of luck these anti-Democrats will not have the numbers, the courts will rule against them and Brexit will be delivered on Halloween, as the clock runs down to default departure. Once Brexit happens then we will see who was right. Was Project Fear a Y2K nonsense or will business, as it always has done, find a way through bottlenecks and complications?

One thing is for sure. The British People are not represented as they should be in either house. That is a crying shame at a time when the People have shown their appetite for democracy is at an all time high. Boris has a lot on his plate but clearing out the deadwood in an election must be high on his priorities, even if he feels waiting until 2022 will give him more opportunity to humiliate Labour and become trusted as a national figurehead.

If – and there are many ifs here – Brexit is delivered and Boris’ Conservatives thus puncture the raison d’etre of the Liberal Democrats and the Brexit Party, then a General Election will be a simple head-to-head between Labour (with the SNP in their top pocket) and the Conservatives. That should lead to a 50+ majority for Boris, as long as he campaigns like he did in London rather than follow his predecessor’s faux pas. And with that kind of a majority the nation can do what it needs to do – sign the trade deals, rebuild UK Inc, nail down the coffin on Hard Left Labour, and become the safest harbour on planet earth for investment and capital flight. On the back of that a sane opposition may rise and the future shall once again be bright as the nation unites and strives as one – recent divisions healed and forgotten.