A Prayer for Patience


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You and Your families are well and happy. This week I’d like to focus on patience.

I was watching a family have a curry the other night in a Gurkha restaurant. There were four of them – man, wife, daughter and son. The daughter and the wife were engaged in conversation and having a good time, while the son was talking to his father, who was watching something on his phone. At one point the son asked the father, “did you hear any of that?” and the father mumbled something or other back at the son and carried on watching the screen of his phone.

Yesterday I was in a rush. I needed the gate to our driveway opened so I could drive off to my destination. Opening the gate involves someone else opening and then closing the gate as we live on a busy road and have dogs that can escape. I shouted as loud as I could at my wife to “bloody get a move on” then zoomed off in the car.

Patience is tricky.

Patience with tricky people can be even trickier.

This week I’d like You to pray for patience. For yourself and for others. I want You to think of times when You have jumped the gun, or when You have been treated badly by impatient people.

I wish You all a lovely remaining bank holiday weekend and a splendid week ahead. God Bless You All.

Here is that prayer:

Lord, some of Your people are hard to love. They can be moody, mean, difficult, and impossible to understand. They blame me for things I didn’t do and have expectations I can’t meet. Sometimes I wish You hadn’t put them in my life.

I need You to show me how much You love them. Reveal what You see under the surface, where they’re hurting, and tell me how to make a difference. Thank you for giving me your patience to be kind and compassionate when I don’t have my own and for loving me when I’m the one who’s difficult in someone else’s life.