Tuesday Club Torbay


Rotherham, Rochdale, Telford, Newcastle – towns now synonymous with rape gangs and child abuse. Each of them tragic stories which only outed when substantial numbers of victims’ testimonies emerged and the authorities took victims’ complaints seriously. Evils were ended by victims’ bravery.

Since then we have had “Nick” – Carl Beech’s fake reports of a VIP child abuse scandal – highlighting the fine line the police are walking between the fact and fiction of “victims”.

Courts decide in the end.

It was May 25th last year when a Facebook group called TorqWay published a tale of what has been known as the “Tuesday Club”. Holiday destination Torbay in Devon was always known for a bit of wife-swapping but the rumours swirling around this “Tuesday Club” were on a par with the sordid sex crimes of any of the four towns mentioned above. Underage girls being recruited outside schools, other children taken from care homes, with talk of “dignitaries, police and celebrities” being involved in compromising orgies fuelled by drink and drugs.

It’s 2019. We have the Internet. There’s a contact page here. When there is truth to be outed, especially when rumours of child abuse are involved, just out it. That way rumours can get punctured or verified as the case may be. Use Country Squire Magazine as a confidential postbox for your information on the Tuesday Club in Torbay (which we will relay to the police) or contact the police (if you don’t trust them in your area, contact Crimestoppers and tell them why on 0800555111).

  • It may be that you were a victim. Were you forced to attend the Tuesday Club?
  • It may be that you were an attendee but had no idea of any underage participants. So come forward, rather than being identified on a still or on the films. 
  • It may be that you’re being compromised still by attending the events, so now is the time, as power is no longer in the hands of those who once held it in Torbay, to expose the threatening parties. 
  • If you are a politician, whether Conservative, Lib Dem, Independent or Labour, and you are protecting one of your team then now is the time to tell all. Get in touch and we can refer you onto the relevant person in authority. 

Come forward – anonymously if you have to. If, as appears, there is truth to these rumours, then the more people willing to speak out, the quicker these crimes can be dealt with by the authorities and the sooner the threat to vulnerables in Torbay can be ended.

Facts talk. Help expose the truth – whatever the truth is eventually deemed to be in the case of the notorious Tuesday Club, Torbay.