Destroyers or Heroes?


Over the last few years We Brexiteers have taken an awful lot of grief from Remainers who refused to accept the result of the 2016 EU Referendum. We’ve stood as one while we’ve been called “racist”, “thick” and “gammon” – our decision blamed on “the Russians” and other causes as if we as a group in our millions were always incapable of taking a correct decision.

Today we stand on the verge of a great victory. Over the week to come, We Brexiteers can put Continuity Remain in its coffin and hammer down the lid, whilst reviving British Democracy with one strike – by giving Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party a hugely significant victory on Thursday.

We would not be here if the Brexit Party had failed to form. Nigel Farage and his lieutenants deserve huge praise. Simultaneously we would not be here if Boris Johnson – spurred on by the calculations of Dominic Cummings – had failed to cull the worst Remainers from the Tory Party. Praise is due to both camps.

Now is the point in the battle where allies look at likely victory and seal the win. This is not about profit maximising at all. It is a time for cool heads and clinical delivery. 

The Brexit Party’s decision to stand down in Tory-won seats was a wise one. Now they must look very seriously at the seats where they will deliver a Remainer Party (Lib Dem, SNP or Labour) MP by splitting the vote. These seats are numerous. Senior Tory and Brexit Party strategists now openly admit the fear that support for the Brexit Party in many areas could split the Leave vote in tight races and let in Remainer MPs – Nigel Farage needs to show leadership NOW, while claiming his place in History as the winner who truly delivered Brexit, and cut potential Brexiteer losses.

The Mail has today published a seat-by-seat guide showing these danger areas. It can be found here.

Not only is it time for Brexiteers to vote tactically, it is time for candidates in these swing seats to put team before party. Away from the ephemeral campaign they need to ask themselves these key questions:

  • Are You candidates Brexiteers or do You kowtow to Alastair Campbell and Femi Oluwole?
  • Are You with us or against us?
  • In a week from now do You want to be remembered as a Brexit destroyer or as a Brexit hero? 

You know who You are. We are talking here about the likes of laudable Martin Daubney and David Bull – seen as great Brexiteers now but a week is a very long time in politics. For these Brexit Party candidates there could be all hell to pay if they deliver Britain a hung parliament or worse. Do they want to go down in history as the own-goalers?

The counter argument – that the Brexit Party is the only party that can hold the Tories to account – is now a nonsense in the real world. The Tories know full well that with a 5-year mandate their coffers will run dry again if they fail to deliver Brexit and as close to a free trade agreement with Europe as possible. They know full well that the party will become so marginal over those five years that it will crack apart without yoking the support of Brexiteers who the Brexit Party currently homes. There are enough Brexiteer Tories in the party – coat and tails – to drive a good Brexit through and make a real success of things.

Never underestimate Brexiteers. We are a hardy bunch. But this week of all weeks  – fellow Brexiteers – Brexit is on the line. Do not let the side down. This is not some pointless European election – this is win or lose. Show that Brexit trumps party and You will forever be associated with this great win for Britain.

Do the right thing and You will be lauded. Go and look at the mass nervous breakdown Continuity Remain is having and wallow in their demise and fear for the pulverisation that awaits them in 6 days. We have them cornered. It is down to You all – but those last Brexit Party candidates in particular – to deliver the hammer blow.