Get Stuffed, Seaweed


There’s plenty to admire about Nicola Sturgeon. She’s come a long way since being nicknamed “Seaweed” at school – back then even the tide wouldn’t take her out. She’s graduated all the way up to First Minister and con-woman to boot.

Be clear, people. Scottish Independence is a misdirection play. A distraction from the dire state of the NHS under SNP government and used to disguise other horrors of SNP mismanagement at home.

The Scottish do not want independence (and that’s not even counting the millions of Scots abroad who tend to be patriotic Brits). Just don’t believe the SNP propaganda. When Boris Johnson gets asked an annoying indie question by Ian Blackford at PMQs he’d do well to remember these stats:

  • The SNP at the General Election got 48 seats based on 1,242,000 votes. 
  • Labour got 511,000 votes and just 1 seat.
  • The Tories got 693,000 votes and just 6 seats.
  • The Lib Dems got 263,000 votes and 4 seats. 
  • The SNP got 200,000 votes less than the others and yet 37 more seats!
  • A majority of Scottish voters did not vote for the SNP. 

Put that in your pipe, Seaweed!

There are 3,920,000 people of voting age in Scotland. How many voted for the SNP again? 1,242,000 – that makes 32% of Scottish voters supporting the only party which backs Indie Ref 2.

32% of Scottish voters can be bothered to get off their bums and back independence at the General Election. 32% is the only number Boris needs to know. There simply is not the demand for independence that the nippy sweetie claims there is and frankly most Scots are up for the crack of seeing how Brexit turns out.

Let’s hope Seaweed goes down with Octopus for Banff and Buchan so we can all make progress together.

Mark Lees is a pseudonym for a solicitor from Barrhead. Stats courtesy of the SPAD.