CSM Dog of the Week


Dear All,

This is a big year for our magazine as we venture towards a physical version.

In the meantime I have had my arm held in a Chinese Burn by younger members of the Country Squire Magazine team to do something about making our magazine’s Twitter presence more “sticky”. (I had not heard this use of the epithet before either – fear not, there will not be a Page 3 added to our humble offering).

Against my better judgement, at a recent editorial meeting in beautiful Buxton, it was decided that we would begin to engage in “Wednesday Wisdom” – whatever tawdry nonsense that is – by posting an illuminating quotation each Wednesday on Twitter. Furthermore, it was agreed that we would ask our loyal readers to send us an electronic photograph of their dog. We shall post “Dog of the Week” from now on each Friday on our Twitter account.

To join in this jolly jape, please email editor@countrysquiremagazine.co.uk with a photograph of your lovely pooch or pooches, (no Labour leadership candidates, please) making sure to include in the email your dog’s name and your name, as well as your Twitter handle. We shall publish a new photo each week.

As I have commented before, I see Twitter as a retrograde step for Humankind. A Pandora’s Box that should never have been opened. However, Twitter provides up to an eighth of our daily audience and You who come to us from Twitter are all wonderful people.

On the sound basis that “a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself”, I look forward to receiving your photos soon.


The Editor