The Beauty of Brushes


Makeup can be something of a mystery to most people and adding brushes into that mix is enough to scare away the beginner, but I want you to bear with me for the moment.  There is an elegance to the process that adds a depth of mystery to your routine and a sense of calm which has in the most chic way, brushes have become a part of that mystique and add not just a tool to create but with clever choices a status symbol and definable part of you as a person that can be displayed casually on a dressing table or slipped into a bag for a night out.

Everyone understands the appeal of designer, the fabrics, the cut, the time and skill that goes into the garment this can also be seen in your makeup and brushes and can give off subliminal signals about your own status.

Think of the potential and the message you send as you sit calmly applying that sublime blush from Nar’s, chatting to your friend’s pre-drinks, or adding that touch of shadow to your eyes and see their reaction to your tools.

contour kit

Like the designer garment, a makeup brush can be a subtle nod to who you are as a person.  The cool, calm chic of Chanel, the quirks and fun of Illimasqua or the solidity and staple feel of an Estee Lauder piece, as elegant as the clothes they give a subtle hint at your nature and become a token in the same vein as your jewellery an accessory to be cherished.

With any aficionado it’s the unique or not widely known that can really draw attention for example brands hailing from the Orient, known for their culture of beauty, the brushes have an exotic twist to their styling that speaks softly (as a geishas giggle) of elegance and an elitism that only those in the know will have an inside track to.   Companies like Brushwork cosmetics have those two words in their descriptor that is enough to tip the scales in their favour: Japanese Heritage.  The absolute pinnacle of hand-crafted brushes.

brushwork face kit

Adding brushes to the process can feel more focused and ritualistic as you switch from the foundation brush to the blush to the lips, stage by stage creating a new you to suit the mood of the moment, the feel of the solid wood (sustainably sourced) handle as it is laid down on the table or back in its jar, the focus and attention all to create a look, you in essence become a master painter and these are your tools of choice, your moment to relax and focus on yourself, the mystery may increase but the moment is yours and with the tools at hand, you can create without worry at your dressing table safe in the knowledge that as the world turns at least your makeup is elegant, your brushes are chic and your sanctuary is sacred.

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