A Prayer for Mothers


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You are adjusting well to these new conditions and doing Your very best for Your family, for Your neighbours and for Yourself. A glance over at Lombardy or Madrid shows how serious the fight we are in is. Let Us pray for those who suffer, that they may find peace.

This Mothering Sunday We thank the Lord for our mothers, who gave life to us, and who care for us. We are blessed by their self-sacrifice and love. If Your mother is still alive on this earth send her thanks. If Your mother is in heaven then send her thanks. If You are not in touch with Your mother, swallow pride.

Mothers are one of the first indications of the sovereignty of God in our lives. Mothers teach us to have confidence and belief in ourselves. A mother’s love provides for their child in ways that will outlast her own life giving them strength and faith to live a life of worth and value. To always know when they fail, never give up on themselves or others. Just like God with us, a mother’s love never gives up on her child or praying for her child.

Fathers, remember the mother of Your children this day. This is not just a day for Your children to bring Your wife breakfast in bed. Prepare the Sunday lunch – collect a bunch of daffodils from the garden. Represent Your children if they are young.

This time of year I tell the story of the family having dinner on Mothering Day. The mother was unusually quiet. Finally, her husband asked what was wrong.
“Nothing,” said the woman.
Not believing her, he asked again. “No seriously, what’s wrong?”
“Do you really want to know?” she said. “Well, I’ll tell you. I have cooked and cleaned and I have fed the kids for 15 years and on Mother’s Day, you don’t even tell me so much as ‘Thank you.’”
“Why should I?” he said. “Not once in 15 years have I had a Father’s Day gift.”
“Yes,” she said, “but I’m their real mother.”

I trust that You have a peaceful and cheery day. Stay well. Stay away from the virus. Look after Yourselves. God Bless You All. Now let us pray….

Jesus, like a mother you gather your people to you;
you are gentle with us as a mother with her children.

Despair turns to hope through your sweet goodness;
through your gentleness we find comfort in fear.

Your warmth gives life to the dead,
your touch makes sinners righteous.

Lord Jesus, in your mercy heal us;
in your love and tenderness remake us.

In your compassion bring grace and forgiveness,
for the beauty of heaven may your love prepare us.


A Prayer by St Anselm (1109)