Gorgons of Gamergate


With every beat the thuds sound wetter. Once the scene comes into focus, we see the source of this conduction: a golf club, and this is the symphony of some poor sap who has found himself on the wrong end of it. Unpleasant though the image may be, it is not the act of murder in this leaked game footage that is causing an online stir but rather the question of the killer’s gender – or lack thereof.

After revelations of ‘transgender porn’ and other such squalor being hammered into our school children – and in state schools the hammer is never far from the sickle – one would hope that lock-down could offer reprieve from these camps of cultural relativism. But these days not even video games can be counted to act as childhood escapism, thanks in no small part to the activism of Anita Sarkeesian.

Sarkeesian is one of those sentinels of intersectional feminism who would see sexism in a zucchini. She has dedicated a whole website to house her streams of ferocious verbiage which speak of a media mired in misogyny. If only her ridiculous ideas were contained to the web pages read by none but her malodorous, soap-dodging disciples. Alas, Game developers now view this woman as something of an authority on all matters diverse and, reportedly, she is responsible for shaping much of The Last of Us Part II’s contentious story-line.

The killer in that leaked scene – and protagonist of the game, no less – is named Abby, though her brutish features (all 7 ft of them) hardly lend themselves to such a delicate name. Rumour has it that Abby is transgender and if the sight of her bludgeoning a man to death was not ungodly enough, then Abby is set to turn her golf club against Christians for good measure. Charming.

One may be forgiven for thinking it ‘brave’ that the first game’s zombie-like enemies have been replaced with a homophobic religious cult. Until, that is, you learn that it’s the paper-tiger of all religious homophobia: Christianity. Christian bashing is nothing new to Western gaming but dispatching them via Abby, a trans-gendered steroid junkie, certainly puts a new spin on the tired genre – Abigail’s Party this is not.

Sarkeesian took to social media to smear disgruntled users of the first game as having ‘white male power fantasies’.  What a queer defence for a game whose protagonist is white and – biologically – male. 

Suffer watching the games your children are playing this lock-down. Be aware of the sick freaks trying to get into their heads.

James Bembridge is Deputy Editor of Country Squire Magazine.