Christmas last year was rotten for the Big state pro-EU crowd, especially for those MSM activist-journalists and other partisans caught up in the Westminster bubble. The General Election result was a recurring nightmare in the week leading up to Christmas night for the Soubrys and Campbells. So, having Dominic Cummings snookered just five months later seemed like Christmas was here again – this time to be savoured. As the journalists questioned Cummings in the Downing Street rose garden some were simply furious that his explanations were credible, even if they knew that he was only just about scraping the fifty percent to get him through the exam.

Alas for the anti-Boris lot, even with the support of a bunch of ridiculous Twitter-ranting bishops, the Brexit totem was not for lopping. A rector wrote this on Twitter: ‘I do think the bishops of the Church of England could be a teeny weeny bit more representative of the politics of the country as a whole’. Just as Covid-inspired Brexit delays are daily rebuffed, so the calls for Cummings’ head are daily rejected by the team that needs him – the team that has promised Brexit and is all set to have a crack at reforming the bureaucratic morass that Westminster has become over the last decades of Labour and Tory-lite governance. However many questions Beth Rigby spat, she knew that Cummings’ defence was not for breaking.

Covid 19, whether they admit it or not, has led many of 2019’s defeated cadres to dream about possible revenge. The election of Sir Keir Starmer was always going to lead to a honeymoon feeling for them – replacing a terrorist-supporting lunatic with a bore was a nail-on improvement. How the Remoan rump suddenly felt emboldened. Poor dears. Yet again they are left reaching for their hankies to wipe away their tears. The decade has not started auspiciously for them – or for any of us – but at least those who admire what Cummings and his crew are trying to do still have some hope left.

Back to those bishops…

How the church has fallen. Suddenly The Guardian was full of them:

The bishops said Johnson’s defence was “risible”, that he had “no respect for the people”, “lacked integrity”, and risked undermining the trust of the public. Pete Broadbent, the bishop of Willesden, tweeted: “Johnson has now gone the full Trump.”

The Church of England could decide to review its work with the government during the pandemic, said David Walker, the bishop of Manchester. “Unless very soon we see clear repentance, including the sacking of Cummings, I no longer know how we can trust what ministers say sufficiently for @churchofengland to work together with them on the pandemic.”

What on earth went wrong with the Church of England? It seems to be suffering the same disease as Geography Departments. Overcome by Marxist drones. Maybe they feel inspired by their Catholic comrades who have installed a Maduro-hugging Marxist – he with a mere sprinkling of Christianity – in Rome? This new breed of vicar and priest should be banned from Twitter and their bishops should set the example – they remind us every time they open their mouths why one should never be tempted by theocracy.

Let us pray that Mr Cummings survives. Britain needs him to hang around for the next decade – unlikely though that seems. In 2030 we shall be able to look back at a small government, wealthy Britain – our country’s successes heralded by actual journalists rather than frothing activists, the lunatic Hard Left hammered back in its Jumanji box and ex-civil servants working for a living. Lock-down gallivanting, like this grim and divisive period in our nation’s life, will be long forgotten.