Marx V Neanderthal Sideshow


For one man’s life, thousands throng the streets to risk their own. There are, however, activists amongst them who aren’t there for George Floyd and who will carry on marching on Britain’s streets and through her institutions long after his name is out of print. Their march is for the ideology that has taken not one, but over one hundred million lives – and counting. As with so many protests paraded in the name of progress, Black Lives Matter has descended into anti-capitalist denouncements with placards that warn of capitalism and racism as being irrevocably interwoven. ‘Destabilising capitalism’ is a curious mission statement for an organisation which supposedly concerns itself with fighting racism, yet that is what it lists as one of the commitments on its GoFundMe page. One suspects that, like the tendentious media responsible for its fawning news coverage, BLM have been infiltrated by Marxists.

How many of these mirthless sour-dough munchers taking the ‘knee of solidarity’ do you suppose would also regard a black conservative as a race traitor? This extraordinary letter sent by the Labour Party to Priti Patel shows the Left’s solidarity towards minorities comes not without its conditions. The truth of the matter is that this has not much to do with black issues. It is just the latest iteration of Cultural Marxism. The destruction of our national culture and deconstruction of the state as we know it.

As Britons aren’t prone to revolutionary tendencies, the Marxist agenda has had to be implemented through more insidious means, ensuring a socialist in every port of British influence: teaching, journalism and the arts to name but a few. Now the far-left are in the privileged position of having their escapades reported in a sympathetic light from journalists whose politics are indistinguishable from their own. A riot where they injure twenty seven policeman is described by the BBC as ‘largely peaceful’ and their destruction of the Edward Colston statue is not condemned by the Jeremy Vine Show but asked if it was a ‘job well done’. Also worth of note is Sky News’ Adam Boulton referring to Charles Dickens as just another ‘dead white man’. Even a year ago it would have been inconceivable for a mainstream broadcaster to make such a bizarre utterance.

Though the government’s tepid response to this violent mobocracy has aroused anger from much of its voter base, restraint in the face of the halitotic may prove to be the best strategy. These so-called anti-fascists would love nothing more than to be gifted examples of police brutality or violence from right-wingers to justify their existence. Unfortunately, the troglodytes of Tommy Robinson and Britain First are all too happy to oblige them. Apparently, they are set to scrap with BLM protestors this weekend, giving the BBC all the ammunition needed to frame protecting statues as a prerogative of the “far-right”.

Like weeds, it is best to simply deprive lefty activists of sunlight. Left to their own devices, they can always be relied on to cross a line somewhere, leaving the public with sympathy for their targets and nothing but contempt for their ideology. There is a growing anger out there amongst the masses and, while these idiots face off this weekend, the masses will protest by themselves – tuning out of news programmes and heading off to B&Q for more bags of compost. Dross neither requires Brits’ ears nor eyes. Marx is long dead and as for the far right – Neanderthals should be in the zoos not our streets.