Anger Grows Against BBC “Poll” Tax


Business people who today count the cost of the Coronavirus on their businesses – some are coming to terms with laying off loyal staff and some business owners face bankruptcy – sigh deeply when they pay off their monthly bills. The payments for rates and council tax are always way more than they should be – if only councils were run with the same efficiency as private concerns. The electricity bill never seems to match up with what appears on the smart meter. But the one bill that hard-pressed business people find most unethical of all – against the backcloth of their striving and propping up the bloated British state – is the obligatory BBC licence fee. Money for old rope – TV repeats, woke garbage and biased news programmes which do not reflect Britain or Britishness, which, using Thatcher’s words, daily manifest “a deliberate attack on our values, a deliberate attack on those who wish to promote merit and excellence, a deliberate attack on our heritage and great past. There are those who gnaw away at our national self-respect, rewriting British history as centuries of unrelieved gloom, oppression and failure. As days of hopelessness—not days of hope.”

Spare a thought for our most loyal service men and women who will lose their pensions if brought to court for licence fee “evasion”.

The #DefundtheBBC campaign has already gathered serious momentum and our lawmakers can no longer ignore popular sentiment, which demands an overnight end to the licence fee and for the BBC to be exposed to the market via subscription services. A referendum on the matter would be a slam dunk – in the eyes of the people the licence fee is now the new poll tax and anger is brewing. Soon the defund movement will be an unstoppable wave. No-one can doubt that a market-driven service better reflects what the people want – anything must be better than the drivel the BBC currently produces. People who were fed up paying the bloated salaries of idiots promulgating their unpopular views – bigots like Gary Lineker, Emily Maitlis and the racist Nish Kumar – are now seething. Swathes of licence fee payers are simply terminating their BBC direct debits and giving the good old British middle finger to BBC debt collectors who appear on their doorstep, ripping up the BBC’s threatening letters with relish.

It’s a sad state of affairs given the organisation’s past achievements but the BBC is intent on dying by a thousand cuts. Its suicide is dragging on like an episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys. As the canned laughter tape churns on the spools into a slow motion cacophony, you can see the car crash coming now in high-definition and it’s going to be so very ugly. The organisation’s wrist slashes grow by the day – trolling Asian Tory MPs, defending tax-dodging BBC contractors using public money, spitting like crazed llamas during Newsnight editorials…. there is a growing public perception out there in the pubs and on the streets that the BBC is where truth goes to die.

Those who claim that #DefundtheBBC campaigners are nihilists are plain wrong. The BBC brand may well be international and can continue to be a “jewel in the crown” with a core and Government-funded World Service and limited, fact-seeking news operations. Its British moniker may yet be saved by the BBC reverting to Britishness. No one is suggesting that British film-making and drama should be completely withdrawn from the BBC name. The BBC’s commercial arm is often successful in selling its products globally and the market will see to it that such ventures continue – there are opportunities for subsidies and VCT launches which can help assuage the imminent licence fee loss. Subscribers should cover a lot of the costs of failures and successes in drama, the arts and film. BBC sport will do excellently in private hands. The good bits must remain, paid for by a mix of subsidy, private capital and subscriber income.

What people want to see dispatched for six is the woke bias, the attempt by the LGBT crowd to go far beyond their merited equality – forcing all kinds of Foucaultian rubbish down our throats. They want to see gone those who, like the presenter and animal rights extremist Chris Packham, continue to abuse their BBC “celebrity” privilege by throwing impartiality out of the window.

Is there noone at the BBC who can think logically? Are you all ostriches? Think about it. Why should anyone want to pay money towards someone who they wholly disagree with? Who in their right mind gives money to their ideological enemy – their own voices no longer represented by the institution they are paying? Do the Government not see how the masses are furious being forced to pay to be abused and insulted every day by these unrepresentative Britain-bashers?

There are just too many now working at the BBC whose ideas of a future Britain are at loggerheads with the aspirations of striving Brits. Where is their love for Britain? That is it in a nutshell. The BBC’s disdain over Brexit, the full-on support of the anti-capitalists Black Lives Matter, the ongoing daily calamities – this week about Karens – and the crap output on a hellish cycle of repeats, alongside a constant back-slapping evident across all BBC channels and its ever-woker website…… ENOUGH. No one should be forced into such torture let alone pay for the privilege.

There is nothing wrong with progress, with wishing to unite the country and eradicate racism and sexism. There is lots wrong with blaming gammons, Karens, Brexiteers, whites and other sections of your core audience for crises which are molehills you seek to turn into mountains. There is so much wrong on so many levels with forcing people to pay for an organisation they no longer trust which neither encourages or represents them. The BBC isn’t British – it’s a mirror for a multicultural globalism that the majority has already stated quite plainly for all to hear that it wholly rejects.


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