Biased BBC Dissembling (Again)


Let’s be frank. The BBC does not have a good reputation for being fair and balanced over Brexit. Some argue that their Remain bias over recent years has done irreparable damage to public trust in the BBC, its ability to deliver news impartially, and will result in the end of the licence fee in coming years. Already there is desperate talk of a two tier licence fee as the organisation belatedly recognises it is in a fight for survival.

It seems that the new Director General of the BBC, Tim Davie, is fully aware of just what so many Brits think of the BBC. His messages to staff about the need for impartiality and representing licence fee payers have been on the money but has not the horse already bolted from its stable?

Davie will not be pleased to see the BBC Website engaging in the kind of dissembling usually displayed by their TV and Radio news colleagues. While running with a headline on Sunday about those most popular personages of Remoaner bent, John Major and Tony Blair, urging MPs to reject the Government’s proposed Internal Market Bill, an article popped up around midday on the BBC Website covering an interview with a fuming Irish Foreign Minister, Simon Coveney, who was impertinently claiming Brits needed to wake up to the fact that what their Government was doing by proposing the Internal Market Bill was embarrassing them internationally:

Buried inside the article a photograph could be found, showing “People protesting between Newry and Dundalk about a possible hard border, in March 2019”:

Now, let’s take a closer look at these random citizens protesting about a possible hard border, shall we? They must be your average O’Leary and O’Flaherty family representatives, right? Citizens with no ulterior motives? Your average locals from the South and North of Ireland who happened to club together to print off matching signs? A spontaneous gathering of salt of the earth characters?

Look again.

Who is that blonde in the red circle? Doesn’t she look a tad familiar? She’s not just “people”!

It’s Michelle O’Neill. O’Neill (née Doris) is an Irish politician serving as Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland since 2020. She has served as Vice President of Sinn Féin, the political arm of the IRA, since 2018 and has been a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Mid Ulster since 2007.

Just your average Doris then protesting between Newry and Dundalk?

Shameful dissembling from the BBC.

Is it too hard just to report the facts? A “Sinn Féin-sponsored protest” would have done.

Put simply, the BBC can’t be trusted with news and they waste our coerced licence fee money on far too much propaganda. That is the only sound conclusion one can draw from their repeated errors. That and the fact that Tim Davie must have about the most impossible job on planet earth if his staff continue to demonstrate that they are some of the least impartial newscasters in the West. How far the reputation of the BBC has fallen! There is more impartiality on Botswana news these days.