An Interesting Year


The fourth year of our burgeoning Country Squire Magazine has seen some interesting moments. Not least amongst them, the time when the Deputy Editor’s bald pate became the much-discussed subject of conversation across Libyan Twitter:

Unquestionably Covid has been the dominant story of 2020 and so we’ve tried our very best to avoid it. Principally because the magazine has no virologists in its ranks. Secondly because it’s the most tedious thing to have afflicted Britain since some BBC cretin invented Springwatch.

“There’s a whole phalanx of (Packham) supporters you’ve got to wade through”

Despite CSM being structured as a platform for the whole countryside, and despite our regular offers of right to reply to those feeling exposed or offended by our articles, it’s been a year of increasing attacks from the animal rights shower. It’s rare not to find some insult or other waiting in one’s inbox in the morning from the “phalanx” of Chris Packham supporters, or from some other hooded sab. Spoils one’s egg and soldiers. Top threat of the year goes to that most eloquent sab with a Merthyr Tydfil IP who left this little charmer on our contact form:

“Your pants will be peed whightman as sure as my comrades are not chickens and will be round your house to shit on your head”

We are pleased to inform readers that this sab’s threat of a Lord Boothby special has yet to materialise. Nor has the Editor been forced into any unplanned underpants switches – not since a zip malfunction at prep school, indeed.

One troll was particularly vocal all year. Then again, the skeletal old codger has more time on his hands than in recent years:

It would be amiss not to mention the swarms of Buckfast-addled cybernats who pester our magazine. The SNP’s army of virtual yobs absolutely detest dear Effie Deans. CSM even made it into the pages of The National just for backing Effie up in an editorial. Keep up the sterling work in 2021, Effie – the SNP really don’t like it up’em. With a bit of luck there will be some strong opposition to Sturgeon’s mayoralty, and very soon too.

Our stalkers have been relatively quiet of late thanks to a heart to heart between them and the boys in blue over the summer. Their repetitive vexatious complaints to Twitter, Companies House and the ASA were picked up on by C.I.D. – our social media accounts remain intact, while the stalkers’ attempts to nab our domains failed just as spectacularly. The obstacles one has to surmount these days to get a conservative message out there are numerous. Keep on taking those pills, chaps. If you get to step down from your dusty attics this Christmas, afford yourselves a shell suit change and a wash. We love our haters, you really are our biggest fans x

We’ve certainly noticed a growing Cancel Culture this year, possibly because the Left’s cancel trolls have had more time on their hands during lockdowns or maybe because this most cowardly tactic is a growing phenomenon generally. We’d like to thank our advertisers for their steadfastness. Also, to those snowflakes out there on social media who keep reporting our writers to the magazine for drunken tweets or late-night Facebook posts – really, don’t bother! This year, memorably, we’ve had a fuming transexual and a bitter Remainer launch online tirades against writers for things they have tweeted. Frankly, what our writers tweet or post is their business. We really do not give a damn.

The Chris Packham exposés of recent weeks (here and here and here) have been the cherry on the cake of growing CSM audience and subscriber numbers.  When our revelations hit the pages of the Daily Mail a couple of weekends back, we felt somewhat vindicated. For this Nigel Bean merits special praise. The experience was not dissimilar to when we exposed the depths of rottenness of the mayoralty of Ken Livingstone a few years back. 2021 already has a CSM target list – we hope to knock a few more reprobates off their perches next year, especially those who dare suckle from the public teat. We will also continue our campaigning for rural broadband, fighting against corrupt councils, exposing progressive rewilding nonsense and highlighting ridiculous planning decisions.

A huge thanks to the Country Squire family – to our wonderful writers and those linked to the magazine in support roles. A special thanks to James Bembridge for his support as Deputy Editor – for his unceasing patience and resplendent baldness. But the most hearty thanks we reserve for You, Dear Readers, without whom we are humble enough to realise that we are nowt. Have a brilliant Christmas and a superb 2021.