Bridging Divides

Dear Editor,

May I congratulate your magazine on attracting writers from across political tribes. I note in particular Country Squire Magazine’s publication of articles by staunch Remainer, James Melville.

As someone who sits on the Left of the political divide I have witnessed with dismay the sharp increase in tribalism over recent years across British media and political life. This has of course been brought on by events such as Brexit but fuelled by the rise of social media. At times the divisions have been unnecessarily bloody and now is a time to heal.

It has often occurred to me as I take my morning bus to work that the stranger who gives me a friendly nod when they embark at Putney Bridge could be the same person I have been arguing with to the death on Twitter the night before. There is so much more that unites than divides us.

I would also like to congratulate your magazine on exposing the rife antisemitism of Jeremy Corbyn and his crew. Your coverage of the ‘Traitor’s Chart’ in 2019 helped those of us in the sane part of the Labour Party see for ourselves just what a mess we were in and how Labour had indeed been ‘hijacked’. I like to think that if a crazy right wing leader took over the Conservative Party then there would be a rampart formed across tribes and that you who are right of centre would look to the assistance and truth-telling of those of us on the sane Left as we help expose your dangerous extremists. The work now being undertaken by Labour to rid itself of its hard left lunatics is based to a large degree on networks which were exposed back in 2019 at election time. It is an onerous task indeed!

I am not going to pretend that I agree with everything published in your magazine. Still, please continue to take brave editorial decisions as they are a breath of fresh air at a time when too much of our media and politics has become unnecessarily polarised. I look forward to reading more of James’ articles on your website and seeing a bigger bridge built between tribes that helps to unite our people, who share far more in common than often they think.

Best regards,

Graham Bennett, Southfields.

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