Afghan Arrivals Trash Accommodation


Loyal translators and interpreters from Afghanistan who worked with British troops merited their flight out of Afghanistan to Britain. No question about it.

But those British soldiers who toiled in Afghanistan know that many of those on the recent airlift to the UK didn’t work for us because they had our values and believed in our country – they did it for a wage in a country where there is no work. The Government is spouting a deliberately false narrative. There are many on those flights who will find it incredibly difficult adjusting to life in the UK and there will be some who need to shape up or ship out.

How many Taliban placers were on those flights? Where have these newcomers been located? What benefits are they receiving? What will be the overall cost of assimilating these Afghans into British society?

The following video gives readers a glimpse of how things are going.

What is already clear is that this expedited evacuation will prove to be very costly in the long run. Where these Afghans are eventually housed will be very important – for their future neighbours and for those who have to put up with the racism and violence already emanating from some of these visitors to our shores.

Priti Patel, be aware. Their fast track to housing and benefits – their jumping the queue on Brits already here – is generating a lot of anger on the ground right now. At the very least she should fast seek to vet new arrivals and prevent future calamity by working out just who has been airlifted away from the Taliban threat. She would do well to try and assuage anger by setting benefit and housing conditions, ensuring these new arrivals fast learn how to comport themselves in 21st Century Britain.

Well worth a watch and a share: