IRA Victims Take Gerry Adams to High Court

The following press release – well worth reading, especially for CSM’s military followers – came through to the Squires from the law firm McCue Jury & Partners, linking to this Crowd Justice link:

Landmark legal action for truth and accountability

London, UK, 25 June 2022

  • A high court civil action has been launched by victims of Provisional IRA terrorism against Gerry ADAMS.
  • The claimants intend to demonstrate his leadership of PIRA and responsibility for its mainland bombing campaign, which was waged for over twenty years from 1973 to 1996.
  • Contrary to the evidence, not only has ADAMS always denied any responsibility for PIRA’s terrorist campaign, he has also repeatedly denied ever even being a member of PIRA.
  • This is despite many eyewitnesses coming forward to allege that, for decades, PIRA was under ADAM’s leadership.  If true, then ADAMS may be responsible for over 1,300 terrorist murders.  Yet, there still has never been a proper inquiry into his alleged role in the Troubles.
  • Meanwhile, PIRA’s victims have had to watch former PIRA members elevated to political office and mythologised as freedom fighters.  The claimants can no longer tolerate the rewriting of the Troubles to force this fiction as fact while, for too long, the victims have been denied justice, ignored, and forgotten.
  • The action is not for compensation but has been brought to compel ADAMS through a legal process to give a full and honest account of his role in the Northern Ireland Troubles.  Should he refuse then it will be for the court to adjudicate on his part.
  • At a time when the UK government is introducing legislation that will prevent any future legal actions associated with the Troubles, this may be the last chance to compel ADAMS to engage in an effective truth and reconciliation process to ensure a lasting peace in Northern Ireland and to give, finally, PIRA’s victims some deserved closure.

The Claimants have launched a crowdfunding campaign, which can be found here.  The Claimants would be grateful if any report on their legal action would bring attention to and publish the full link: