The Charlestown Declaration

In the wake of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, We the undersigned writers and founder members of The Charlestown School, hereby declare that we wish to restore the ideas of the English and Scottish Enlightenment as being relevant principles for the Twenty-First Century.  Accordingly, we support the thirty-one principles given below for the betterment of our nation and our fellow citizens: That … Continue reading The Charlestown Declaration

Great British Game Week

From November 25th to December 1st Great British Game Week will be celebrated.  In its sixth year, this promises to be the biggest Game Week yet, championing the finest wild game meat that Britain has to offer. Great British Game Week is a collaboration between the Countryside Alliance, the British Game Alliance and Taste of Game.  They are joining forces to promote game throughout the length … Continue reading Great British Game Week

Rural & Urban Church Crime

COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE Criminals targeting Churches and religious buildings in the UK are responsible for over 20,000 crimes in under 3 years – a rate of 19 a day nationwide. A report carried out by the Countryside Alliance, released to members on Monday (4th November 2019), into lead theft and criminal activity on local Churches found 2, 605 cases of violence, 4,578 of criminal damage and … Continue reading Rural & Urban Church Crime

Our Turn to Speak

PRESS RELEASE May 1st is the start of the hunting year – and This is Hunting UK today launches a campaign to re-emphasise hunting’s place as a vitally important cog in the countryside mechanism. TiHUK feels strongly that for far too long, the anti hunting brigade have dominated the airwaves and social media with their opinions and intent to destroy the reputations, livelihoods and work … Continue reading Our Turn to Speak

60 Years of The Game Fair

After months of research, The Game Fair’s original founding father – the late Nigel Gray ­– has finally been tracked down ahead of the event’s 60th anniversary celebrations this year. Mr Gray’s family have kindly donated a black-and-white portrait photo of him at the very first Game Fair in 1958 which will be on display at the onsite museum being curated to celebrate the history … Continue reading 60 Years of The Game Fair