Our Turn to Speak


May 1st is the start of the hunting year – and This is Hunting UK today launches a campaign to re-emphasise hunting’s place as a vitally important cog in the countryside mechanism.

TiHUK feels strongly that for far too long, the anti hunting brigade have dominated the airwaves and social media with their opinions and intent to destroy the reputations, livelihoods and work of the many people whose lives centre on the hunting way of life.

A TiHUK spokesman said: “It is our turn to speak.  There are two sides to this story.  Anti groups have physically attacked our hounds and horses and our people, and they have targeted and undermined our businesses and our social and charity events.  We should not have to put up with this constant aggressive onslaught and intolerance of our way of life based on what they think is right or wrong.”

Recent examples of this behaviour include:

  • A spray attack on hounds left them off colour and took them a long time to recover.
  • Social media comments on a pub who hosted a meet of hounds which said: ‘Let’s ruin this pub.  If only others would take action and launch a petrol bomb right through the nasty horrible landlady’s window.’
  • A musical evening organised by a hunt was trolled to the extent that it had to be moved at the last minute for fear of people’s safety.
  • Lorries and trailers parked off the road had tyres let down.
  • Homes visited in the early hours of the morning to puncture car tyres and pour paint stripping chemicals over vehicles.
  • A sponsor of a well known Pony Club event was contacted by antis and told he was supporting hunting. He was told to withdraw his support or suffer the consequences.  The truth of the matter was that all the sponsorship was going to support young riders, and the running of the event.  The sponsor had been lied to.

The spokesman continued: “All of this has nothing to do with animal welfare and everything to do with hate of those who go hunting. Hunting people deal with animals every day of their lives – hounds and horses – yet we are supposed to be ignorant of animal welfare.  Social media is the perfect platform to peddle lies and misinformation by unscrupulous animal rights groups. There is very little positivity that comes from these groups.  They do not devote anything like the same attention or fund raising to other animal welfare issues like starving ponies on the side of motorways or finding homes for abandoned pets. Our charitable donations to charities like the Air Ambulance are mocked but where are their equivalent donations to any charity?”

“Similarly hunts are accused of scientifically impossible things in their fake news.  For example, antis said hounds were spreading bovine TB.  Scientists and vets told them this is impossible because hounds are not protractedly exposed to high challenge doses of TB and are not in prolonged contact with cattle. Bovine TB is spread by respiratory infection or ingestion of excreta from infected domestic or wild animals living in close proximity but the antis will not have it.”

“Again, hunts were accused of spreading equine flu, but this was again untrue. The horses affected were in the racing industry not the hunting field.”  Added the spokesman: “Hunts give cohesion in the countryside, organising meets, events and services like the fallen stock collections which are vitally important to farmers.

This is Hunting UK’s social media Facebook page, Instagram account, Youtube site, and website have all been posting the activities which happen in kennels at this time of year and will be showing an increasing interaction with the public.

TiHUK will be out this summer, meeting people who would like to see for themselves the beauty of our hounds.