A Prayer for the Sick


What a beautiful morning, Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, as I type today’s prayer out for You. I trust You are all well and enjoying the bank holiday break. The sun is peering its head over the ocean and the waves are glistening in its glorious light. My morning cuppa tastes especially good.

Today I would like You to remember the sick.

Last week I met several terminally ill patients. And I was impressed, as I always am, by their strength and their good sense of humour. Of course, we are all terminally ill and these suffering patients are perhaps just that bit nearer to inescapable death than those of us who are not quite dying yet.

The fact we are all dying is not a reason to ignore or do down the plight of those who are close to death. Far from it. We must assist our neighbours and make their last days as comfortable as possible so they, and their loved ones, get the most out of them.

I got talking to a Spanish nurse who said that when she started out as a nurse back in the 1980’s in Murcia, she and the other nurses would forbid alcohol and cigarettes for those who were dying. That death was seen as the enemy until it won – it was God’s will. She commented that she found it hard to watch patients in the UK sipping from hip flasks and sneaking out for cigarettes but she understood why they were given the freedom to break the rules in their last days.

So, let us please pray for the sick. That those who are dying shall die with dignity, and those who can recuperate are able to maximise their efforts and succeed in their recovery.

I wish You all well and trust that You have a peaceful and successful week to come. If You face problems this week, I hope that You can overcome them and I pray that You do. God Bless.

Almighty God, as we ask your help for our brothers and sisters who are ill, we
ask you to help us to be healing people in our time and place. May your love
touch others through us, and may I help all people to live in peace. We ask this
through Christ our Lord.