The Countryside Fights Back


It was with some reluctance that I was asked to present on film my take on the current battles over the Great British Countryside. Not my scene at all. Nonetheless I trooped up to Yorkshire with our terrier Angus (our labrador was banned by the producers as they thought he might gobble the microphone muff) and we shot the following three films on a freezing day in March. Apologies for the occasional creaking of my metal leg – it was bitterly cold that day and there was no WD-40 at hand!

These videos hopefully inspire others to understand the way that many in the countryside are now feeling, especially about our national broadcaster, the ‘B’BC. As Editor of this magazine, I have always welcomed right of reply pieces and know that some of my arguments will pique those who I’ve sat down for a beer with over recent months – I hope they will still engage with me as friends in jaw-jaw and not war-war. It is by engaging that progress will be made – I take my hat off to the one-man lobbying monster that is Captain Ed Swales and how he has shown of late how one brave individual can achieve so much in this space.

As many of you already know, alongside my fine colleagues Nigel Bean and Paul Read, I have my own momentous legal battle in progress. It too is very much related to the ongoing countryside war.

By chance it creates the greatest opportunity in years for the Great British Countryside to strike back. Even though the case is mostly about tigers, it is a mechanism to change the tide. To destroy, at least wing, a dark threat. Without me saying more and annoying our legal team, you all know exactly what I mean.

It is in the high court and it is damned costly! The fundraising links to our case are still there. Please use them if you are able:

Crowd Justice Link

Kofi + PayPal Link

Thank You.

In solidarity,


PART I: Unnecessary Division

PART II: The Doomscultists

PART III: Last Warning for the BBC

*Spreadable links to these videos can be found on YouTube here.