Another Lie


In the United Kingdom, there is more demand for racism than supply.

The demand comes from the permanent bureaucracy and the non-governmental sector, searching desperately for meaning and purpose.

The damage their manufactured quest might cause in the process is of no interest to them.

Long ago was the racist dragon slayed, but the perks, salaries and halos attached to their mission statement have remained.

Those in receipt of such privileges are naturally on the side of keeping the ghost of the beast alive. After all, they have mortgages to pay.

Their careers matter more to them then national cohesion does to the rest of us.

Unfortunately, the race baiting industry is not just a national phenomenon; it is supported, and reinforced, by international organisations, such as the United Nations (UN).

The UN likes to send “rapporteurs” to countries, of which they know little, masquerading as impartial judges, to adjudicate Solomon-like on the reputation of entire peoples. 

Statements are made with a certainty that belies absolute ignorance. Arguments are not put forward, they are merely slogans.

The more outlandish, the better. That is how propaganda works.

For instance, Catherine Namakula, Barbara Reynolds, Dominique Day, three “experts” making up the UN working group of the People of African Descent, conducted a fact-finding visit to the country from the 18th to 27th January 2023.

These “experts” are not neutral observers. They are chosen specifically because they are not.

In her motivation letter, as part of her job application which had to be submitted by the 27th of November 2020 to the UN, Mrs Namakula wrote “the plight of Africans and people of African descent needs no further articulation.”

No specifics were needed.  She never told us where, when, by whom or how this plight has manifested itself. The statement was enough.

She just opined – slightly more than two years before visiting our long suffering Island.

Along with her other equally incurious experts, “educated” at Harvard and Columbia, the twin sisters of American educational Wokery, the United Nations panel travelled to the UK.

During their extraordinarily short visit, these international experts spoke only to national and regional, taxpayer financed, ones – as is their wont.

Normal people were not included.

We know this for two reasons: firstly, because their trip was organised according to the recommendations made in 2012 by other well-looked after UN “experts” which only sought out counterparties in similar fields; and secondly, because there was no data to support their position.

Their “findings” were therefore as unsurprising as they were offensive:

Providing no evidence, the experts said that “from the perspective of people of African descent, racism in the UK is structural, institutional and systemic”, adding “racialised acts targeting people of African descent have remained steadfast, and the experience is similar across different parts of the UK.”

In one short statement, the experts found 68 million people guilty – free of data, facts and nuance. We were not even allowed the courtesy of a right of reply.

They made their statement: We are guilty.  

To them, the UK and our people are irremediably racist and evil in everything we do.

This is, of course, an outlandish lie.

There is no greater sin than to judge the innocent guilty.

However, we know from history, surveys and common sense that the truth is the exact opposite of what the UN experts are selling.

There is very little “supply” of racism in our country.

The latest survey, released on April 27th, and conducted by the Policy Institute at Kings College London on behalf of the World Values Survey, a Swedish Non-for-Profit, showed that the United Kingdom is one of the least Racist countries on earth.

This finding is not a surprise. It also doesn’t come in isolation.

The Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, published in March 2021 in the wake of Black Lives Matter riots during the COVID lockdowns, found that Britain is neither structurally nor systemically racist.

The report showed “many instances of success among minority communities” that have often “been ignored or seen to be of little interest to the media”.

The commission added that it was “impressed by the immigrant optimism of some of the new African communities. They are among the high achievers in our education system.”

It also warns against using terms such as “institutional racism” as a general “catch all phrase for any micro-aggression, witting or unwitting”, in particular if it cannot be proved to be on a systemic level”, based on fair and deep research.

With the race baiting industry in its sights, the Commissioners warn that “there is a strident form of anti-racism thinking that seeks to explain all minority disadvantage through the prism of white discrimination”, diverting attention from crucial factors such as family structures, cultural backgrounds, and generational immigration status.

The report goes on to tell us that the most deprived segment of the population in the United Kingdom are white working-class boys – who outnumber, in the field of destitution any other group by the millions every year, given that “81.7% of the population” is white.

Reinforcing the point, the Sutton Trust, which published research in 2016 showing that White Working Class boys and girls “ranked the lowest or second lowest performing ethnic group” for the tenth year in a row.

Adding some much needed perspective, the World Population ranking of the world’s most racist countries shows Bahrain and India leading the pack of mainly African, Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Europe is only represented by Cyprus and Russia in the top 25. The World Population Ranking also notes that 16 out of the top 20 least racist countries in the world are European, with the United Kingdom ensconced comfortably in the pack.

In short, there is no data to suggest that the United Kingdom is structurally, institutionally, or systemically racist.

To say otherwise is the height of dishonesty, peddled by third rate ideologues, whose aim is simultaneously to dismantle the very society that did so much to fight scourge of slavery and to get paid generously in the process.

Their aim is to shout loud enough for long enough to convince us to give up the ghost and willingly acquiesce to the eradication of our country and her history.

We are not racist. Everyone knows it.

Alex Story is Head of Business Development at a City broker working with Hedge Funds and other financial institutions. He stood for parliament in 2005, 2010 and 2015. In 2016, he won the right to represent Yorkshire & the Humber in the European Parliament. He didn’t take the seat.

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