The Real Fake News Altering Our Laws

BY NIGEL BEAN Newspapers breathed a sigh of relief after the fake news announcement suggesting the biggest problem to UK democracy is those damn Russians and their manipulation of social media outlets. Well no it’s not. The biggest problem for UK democracy is the acquisition of local newspaper titles by Newsquest and the left-wing Trinity Mirror group. Ever since a survey in 2013 found people … Continue reading The Real Fake News Altering Our Laws

Torbay Councillor Apologises

CSM EDITORIAL It’s not often that a politician apologises, so we thought we should highlight a moment when a politician did. Following on from our editorial on the 11th April, Behaviour Unbefitting, covering a Torbay councillor’s rude and dismissive chat with voters on a Torbay Facebook Forum, the councillor has apologised. Here below is the redacted letter with its embedded apology. We shall continue to … Continue reading Torbay Councillor Apologises

The Online Poetry Bloodbath

BY TREVOR BEAUFORT The Internet has brought poets from across the globe together via online forums and poetry chatrooms to create something of a renaissance in poetry in the Western World. There are tens of thousands of these poets and poetesses. These include many retiree wordsmiths with Twitter and blog followings who, before the Worldwide Web was born, might have sat in their homes suffering … Continue reading The Online Poetry Bloodbath

Clintons Dump on Haiti: Part 2

BY MIKE SULLIVAN For Part 1 please go here. Homes under contract were never built. An Industrial Park was never built. 800 million went for a hospital never built. Fruits, vegetables and grain from local farmers spoiled in bins before being distributed to the people. In one deal after another, the Clintons enriched their donors in pay to play deals involving the installation of a … Continue reading Clintons Dump on Haiti: Part 2

Clintons Dump On Haiti: Part 1

BY MIKE SULLIVAN As a freelance writer from Bangkok, I travelled to Haiti on a dark day in May of 2016, six years after the earthquake. I agreed to meet Haitian activist and lawyer Jameson Henry at the Royal Oasis Hotel in Port-au-Prince. I usually don’t travel half way around the world on a lark. Why couldn’t we conduct business over the phone? I asked … Continue reading Clintons Dump On Haiti: Part 1