Hare & Hounds

BY NIGEL BEAN The farmer awoke in his Norfolk farm house. Was that a flash light shining through his window in the dead of night? He must be seeing things having just woken, he told himself. A few minutes later there it was again, he wasn’t seeing things after all. So he reached across and dialled an emergency number he had set in his phone. … Continue reading Hare & Hounds

Rewilding Revisited

BY NIGEL BEAN According to several internet sources the phrase ‘Rewilding’ first appeared in 1990 and was written by a man called Dave Forman. He was a founder member of Earth First!, a radical group promoting sabotage as a weapon of intimidation against large corporations accused by the group of damaging the earth and plundering its resources. Dave Forman was inspired by a novel concerning … Continue reading Rewilding Revisited

A Trail of Lies & Money

BY NIGEL BEAN & PAUL READ Our Parliament and democracy are revered across the globe by a great many nations, and are the envy of many people suffering under corrupt government or dictatorship. Our Grandfathers fought long and bitter wars so we could have the freedom of choice in who governs us. To some individuals though it can appear our system has a major flaw – … Continue reading A Trail of Lies & Money