The PETA Machine


Meet Professor Ted Friend. He explains in the video below how PETA tried to have him fired because the findings of his research weren’t in line with their ideology.

Most decent folk in the UK would be appalled at this behaviour but not UK politicians, so it would appear. They need campaigns to keep them in the public eye, and in Parliament, so turn a blind eye to the lies and propaganda heralding from left wing animal rights charities. This in turn leads to the bullying and harassment of minorities.

As these vicious campaigns reach a point of greater public awareness – as was always intended – in step the politicians pretending to be concerned and announce a review. They now sit around and pretentiously pontificate over how to arrange a means of preventing minorities with little voice in the media from carrying on their traditional way of life. In short, by way of bans.

Reviews have found no good scientific reason to ban wild animals in circuses on welfare grounds. So, the politicians switch to ethical concerns. With all objectivity out of the window they then turn to pseudo-science – the kind of junk that sustains the Flat Earth Society, with conspiratorial members around the globe – with all kinds of nuts offering a ‘scientific’ solution. At last, the real “evidence” they need to ban wild animals in circuses is at hand.

In 1990 when the first ever in-depth study investigating the welfare of circus animals took place, giving them a clean bill of health, the RSPCA switched to ethical concerns and have been brainwashing the nation ever since. They seem now to rely on opinion poll public consultation. They have worked out there are more friends and families of the animal fundamentalists than there are circus folk so at last they have a clear way through.

This is where PETA come in. They show their supporters how to answer the skewed government-organised public consultations giving them the stock answers to the questions asked.

What joy these people must feel beating the circus folk with answers copied from the Internet and, from the 2,000 answering, the majority cited ethical concerns as a reason for banning wild animals in circuses, well I never. Thank God we live in a democracy and not a country run by corrupt government officials heavily influenced by narcissists on cultist fad diets.

PETA answers to consultations in Wales and Scotland: