The Long Shadow

BY ANDREW MOODY A broken man, addicted to heroin and relying on hand-outs from his few remaining disciples, Aleister Crowley’s alleged last words before he died in 1947 were: “Sometimes I really hate myself.” No stranger to controversy in his life, he was branded THE WICKEDEST MAN IN THE WORLD by the British tabloids after his failed attempt to create a sexual utopia in Sicily. … Continue reading The Long Shadow

Crowley Demystified

BY ANDREW MOODY Aleister Crowley, the Great Beast, dictated nearly forty years after preparatory school at the Plymouth Brethren: “I had been the butt of every bully in school. My whole life seemed at times to be one slimy subterfuge to cozen death.” While perusing the National Portrait Gallery some years back, I noted Crowley’s magical portrait (it did not represent his image but worked … Continue reading Crowley Demystified

Wicked Men, Antisemitism & Occultism

BY ANDREW MOODY Hitler did not introduce anti-Semitic politics to Germany. They already existed, he just utilised the hatred amongst the population (in order to hire the SA the SS and the Hitler youth) and gave the country an excuse to see the Jewish race as inferior – to blame them for German economic strife. “By definition then,” Paul Roland writes, “black magic is the … Continue reading Wicked Men, Antisemitism & Occultism