Wicked Men, Antisemitism & Occultism


Hitler did not introduce anti-Semitic politics to Germany. They already existed, he just utilised the hatred amongst the population (in order to hire the SA the SS and the Hitler youth) and gave the country an excuse to see the Jewish race as inferior – to blame them for German economic strife. “By definition then,” Paul Roland writes, “black magic is the art of influencing another person to do your bidding by imposing your greater willpower on their subconscious and, ultimately, to create the world in your image. By this definition Hitler and the leading Nazis were intuitive black magicians.”

At the 1938 Reich Congress (one year before WW2 began) Adolf Hitler angrily announced: ‘At the pinnacle of our programme stands not mysterious premonition, but clear knowledge and hence open avowal. But woe if the movement or the state, continues through the insinuation of obscure mystical elements… Our cult is exclusively cultivation of that which is natural and hence willed by God.’ But Hitler also remarked (in private) , ‘For me Wagner (also a virulent antisemite) is something Godly and his music is my religion. I go to his concerts as others go to church.’ Hitler admitted to being ‘transported’ into an ‘extraordinary state, a mystical dream world’.

Occultism, the force of will influenced by symbolism and black magic is very real, and in the wrong hands – especially among political figures such as the murderous Assad (who always does international interviews with journalists sitting in a throne-like chair like some medieval King) – can conjure wicked events like the Holocaust through mass, organised lunacy.

The other great influence for the anti-intellectual Hitler was the nihilistic, neo-Darwinian philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who gave him the pseudo intellectual backing for his evil megalomania, and his prison memoir Mein Kampf. By no means a talented writer, Hitler says early on in his dull, psychopathic tome: “Profoundly, I know that fewer people are won over by the written word than by the spoken word and that every great movement on this earth owes its growth to great speakers and not to great writers.”

Nietzsche was a talented writer and philosopher, but primarily nihilistic in practice due to his lack of wealth and sexual success – a perfect intellectual hero for the Fuhrer.

Nietzsche argued in The Anti Christ, ‘nature favours the ruthless and the powerful. The beast of prey and the jungle prove that evil can be very healthy and develop the body magnificently.’ Only ‘the warrior’ is truly free. He described, ‘the magnificent blond beast [of German manhood] roaming wantonly in search of prey and victory.’  Nietzsche also  called for an end to democracy and the establishing of a ‘New Order’ under a ‘Master of the Masses’. ‘One who will dominate and rule Europe – a frightening individual … [that] will bring an end to the long spun-out comedy of little states … as well as democratic many-willedness. The time for politics is passed: the next century will bring the battle for the domination of the Earth …’ One can imagine Hitler, lost in his Wagnerian delirium, reading these words as a certification of his messianic destiny.

Paul Roland writes in The Nazis and the Occult: “Without Wagner’s Sturm und Drang (storm and stress) tempered with pastoral interludes, Nazism would not have acquired its mythic undertones.”

As controversial biographer A.N Wilson concludes in Hitler, “While the commonplace, ordinary side of Hitler insisted that the human race had come of age, that it was now led by reason not mumbo-jumbo, that it was rational and scientific, the extraordinary Hitler, the Mage-Hitler, the Wizard Hitler, demonstrated the exact opposite to be the case…. Hitler demonstrated with the most terrifying skill that humanity can be seduced without much difficulty into acts of collective insanity.”

The still unbelievable systematic horror of Belsen, Auschwitz, and the liquidation of the Jewish ghettos may seem years away, but if there is one thing that life should have taught us, it is that history can repeat itself without an almost constant set of moral checks.

Hitler was a magician with great vision, but total psychopathy and almost no self-control. Jeremy Corbyn, another anti-Semite, wants to destroy the military security of Great Britain whilst befriending the UK’s enemies. He too is a magician, one only has to see the control with which he nearly seduced the British electorate in 2017 with his anti monarchy, hard left socialism. Whatever happens with Brexit, don’t let in Corbyn.

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