Sin – A Modest Proposal

BY PHLEGYAS Let it never be said that the Church of England is lacking in leadership. Always looking ahead to the Big Issues of the day, and in doing so looking out for ourselves, we in the Church have identified a serious pandemic of Sin across the country. Worse, we, who pride ourselves on rooting out the Devil wherever he or they (sic) are lurking, … Continue reading Sin – A Modest Proposal

False Fork

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN A choice between two equivalent options has come to be known as a Morton’s Fork. Under Henry VII, John Morton was made Archbishop of Canterbury in 1486 and then Lord Chancellor a year later. He justified a King’s benevolence by holding that a man living modestly must be saving money and, therefore, could manage to pay for the benevolence, whereas a man … Continue reading False Fork

Render Unto Caesar, Primate

BY TIM DAWSON Who is Justin Welby to judge? Well, okay – he’s the Archbishop of Canterbury. But his recent partisan interventions – both in a speech at the Trade Union Conference in support of John McDonnell and then, yesterday, in an article for the Church Times condemning Brexit – have moved beyond what is appropriate for the principal leader of the Church of England. … Continue reading Render Unto Caesar, Primate