Farage Merits Negotiating Place

CSM EDITORIAL Nigel Farage has said that a vote for his Brexit Party would be a vote for a WTO Brexit – his name for a no deal Brexit. He also said that if his party won big in the EU elections, they should have a place at future talks with the EU. Farage is something of a hate figure with Conservatives being seen as … Continue reading Farage Merits Negotiating Place


Seeing Through the EU’s Irish Trap

BY ANDREW KELLY Among all the failures of the disgraceful capitulation of the UK PM’s deal, no doubt the biggest was accepting that the Eire/Ulster issue is the UK’s problem to solve. This was a trap set by the EU that our (useless) negotiators willingly entered and is now the central complication in an apparently intractable problem (for the UK to solve). As an aside, … Continue reading Seeing Through the EU’s Irish Trap

Well Done, Mrs May

CSM EDITORIAL Prior to the General Election – and when she bravely called it – we have fully backed Theresa May on the pages of this magazine. Ever since, we have not been kind to, or supportive of, our Prime Minister. Not since the Prime Minister imploded in the General Election campaign, threatening the country with the appalling Corbyn and making the UK seem a … Continue reading Well Done, Mrs May