A Sense of Perspective

BY STEWART SLATER The universe loves a coincidence. Thus, it was only fitting that, in the weekend leading up to Sky’s new series based on Watergate, Britain’s current crop of Woodwards and Bernsteins spent their time screaming “What did ITV know and when did it know it?” For in comparison to the goings on at This Morning, Partygate was but a trifle. Suella’s speeding fine … Continue reading A Sense of Perspective

Celebs in Politics?

BY PAUL NEWALL I don’t usually approve of celebs getting involved in politics. Their Rockstar lifestyles are usually incompatible with those of the general public, but they do have an effect on their fans. When politicised stars like Saint Bono or Lilly Allen preach to the crowd they manage to successfully pass on their globalist message to a throng of devotees. The last few months … Continue reading Celebs in Politics?

Sing, Act, Shut Up

BY NICK JOHNS When your child tells you that they’re not off to university but are going to acting school instead, one’s heart drops. You know the chances of them becoming a well-paid Hollywood or television actor are close to zero. Nonetheless, you smile. You love them, after all. Acting or singing as careers are most often voyages to nowhere; full of hope and angst; famine … Continue reading Sing, Act, Shut Up

Celebrity Wisdom is Vital

BY SAM WHITE When faced with a political dilemma my first reaction is always, what would Charlotte Church do? Sometimes she’s busy planning a march or burning copies of the Sun though, and I can’t discover her thoughts. In those circumstances I get help by tuning in to the perspective of every other famous person on the planet. Superstars, has-beens, might-bes, can’t-quites, it doesn’t matter, because they … Continue reading Celebrity Wisdom is Vital