The Ball is Loose

CSM EDITORIAL There’s no doubt that time is up for the May premiership. There is nothing positive about Theresa May hanging on like a limpet. The mood out there on the street is one of anger at the humiliating “deal” that she has agreed with Brussels. If she sought to unite the country then her deal has achieved that – it faces condemnation from all … Continue reading The Ball is Loose

Chequers & Steamrollers

BY DAVID EYLES Three days after Theresa May had imprisoned the entire Cabinet at Chequers and unleashed Olly Robbins to administer a day-long punishment beating, I received an e-mail from my local Conservative Association. It was an invitation to attend a meeting at which two local constituency MPs would attend, along with the star turn – Claire Perry, MP for Devizes and Minister of State (Business, … Continue reading Chequers & Steamrollers