The Ball is Loose


There’s no doubt that time is up for the May premiership. There is nothing positive about Theresa May hanging on like a limpet. The mood out there on the street is one of anger at the humiliating “deal” that she has agreed with Brussels. If she sought to unite the country then her deal has achieved that – it faces condemnation from all sides of the country and of parliament. Britain is openly ridiculed in foreign countries. Vicar’s daughter May does give off an air of decency yet she lied and spun at the dispatch box yesterday for three hours for all to see – and those around her saw through her. She started off her battering semi-intact but by the end of it she was bruised and naked. Crucially, all trust has gone now. Previously Theresa the Appeaser seemed like a cruel taunt but today, alas, it seems pertinent and apt.

People say don’t mix history with the present. But how else are we to frame this national humiliation? Are the chuckles of Juncker and Tusk that dissimilar to the chuckles of Hitler and his henchmen after Chamberlain’s return to Britain with his piece of paper held aloft? What is the difference between the chortles going round Washington about British decline at the time of Suez, and the chortles about British decline circling around Washington now?


German Press Mocking the UK this morning

The mood on the streets of Britain is one of anger. There is fury from many that Brexit has not been delivered – how hard can it be? “Let’s just bloody leave” is ubiquitous. Talk of a new referendum ratchets up that anger a hundredfold and the least likely people talk openly of violence. Amazingly, in the football chatrooms last night for the England V USA match the talk was not as much about Wayne Rooney as it was about who do you prefer? Boris, Mogg or Raab? Doctor’s surgeries – normally places of quiet punctuated by sneezing and coughing – are abuzz at the Horlicks at Westminster and mutterings of time to go. People who are not normally bothered by politics watch their phones to follow resign watch. And questions are being asked by the wealthy – how do we get money out of the country should the Trotskyites get in? (Yes, amazingly, the humiliation is so low we could be scooping up the red dross into positions of power and thus risk swallowing the national suicide pill).

Lack of leadership, failure to negotiate a good deal and a wholly unimpressive premiership all combine to mark Theresa May’s card. It is a tragic end for a true public servant but one that Mrs May has brought upon herself. Forget Geoffrey Boycott – Mrs May is the Roy Hodgson of British politics and, like Hodgson, whatever she tries in the future her career will always be remembered by the utter humiliation delivered to the country – Chequers is her Iceland.

The ball has come loose at the back of the scrum.

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