May the Useless

CSM EDITORIAL The humiliation that Theresa May has brought to her country will not be fast forgotten. Last night’s delay of Brexit through to Halloween is just another case of the EU27 having a laugh at the UK’s expense. It is not Brexit that has brought the UK to its knees – it is Theresa May. The sooner she leaves Downing Street the better. Asked … Continue reading May the Useless

UK United in Distrust of May

CSM EDITORIAL Like anxiety, distrust is often not based on concrete and clear information, but rather on a hunch or gut feeling. Most people have learned to interpret certain signals as possible evidence that something may be wrong about a situation (leading to anxiety) or about a person (leading to distrust). And it is fair to say that the nation now wholly distrusts Theresa May. Whether you’re a … Continue reading UK United in Distrust of May

No Compromise, No Appeasement

CSM EDITORIAL One of the comments left on the Mail on Sunday website this weekend in response to a Brexit article by Lord Lamont sums up the current mood amongst Brexiteers across the UK. There is real and mounting anger out there at the prospect of Theresa May sticking to her unpopular, half-in, half-out blancmange of a Brexit deal known as Chequers: “Those of us … Continue reading No Compromise, No Appeasement