May the Useless


The humiliation that Theresa May has brought to her country will not be fast forgotten. Last night’s delay of Brexit through to Halloween is just another case of the EU27 having a laugh at the UK’s expense. It is not Brexit that has brought the UK to its knees – it is Theresa May. The sooner she leaves Downing Street the better.

Asked this morning if Mrs May would still be Tory leader in the autumn, former Brexit secretary David Davis answered, “I think it is going to be difficult because by that time we will have had a European election which will become a plebiscite, really, on Brexit. And I suspect you will see a very successful rise of a, sort of, Brexit movement, the Nigel Farage thing, and so on.”

Davis is correct. Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party will be the obvious alternative choice for Tory Brexit voters at the European Elections. Tory councillors meanwhile face annihilation in next month’s local elections. And whose fault is that? Theresa May’s.

Maybe she meant to – Theresa May in her lack of leadership and wooden approach has put wind in the sails of all the anti democrats; in the Remoan lobby. Disgraces for MPs like Yvette Cooper and Dominic Grieve presume they can keep the UK from ever leaving the EU.

The best hope this country has – from avoiding the dual threats of the destruction of our democracy (failure to deliver Brexit) or the destruction of our country (Corbyn getting into Downing Street) – is May getting the hell out of Downing Street as fast as possible and giving a Brexiteer the chance to show some leadership. This is what the associations want and this is what the 17.4 million want.

Then we can leave the wretched EU as soon as possible. Forget Halloween. Let’s go for the 18th of June. Waterloo Day. That should wipe the smile of nobodies like Tusk, Verhofstadt and Varadkar.

Mrs May – get out.

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