Dark Days Ahead?

BY FRANK HAVILAND There are no words in the English Language sufficiently benign that the Left will not market them as a form of hatred. Pity our poor Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, whose lexicon has recently been denuded to the tune of ‘humbug’ and ‘surrender’. Christmas at Number 10 is going to be a rum affair this year I fear. Not only will Bojo wince … Continue reading Dark Days Ahead?

US Election Just Got Weirder

BY JAMES CAMPBELL The weirdest US Election ever just got a whole lot weirder. Just when you thought that groping, murdering, embezzling and deleting confidential emails were the only peculiarities that have coloured this election, in walks Danney Williams from left stage. Who is Danney Williams? Well Danney Williams (left below) alleges to be Bill Clinton’s long lost black son. Live at the National Press … Continue reading US Election Just Got Weirder