The Death of Newspaper Subbing

BY MARGARET ASHWORTH Not long ago a story in the Daily Mail about a collie lost on a mountain referred to it as a b*tch, with an asterisk as if it were an obscenity rather than the correct and harmless word for a female dog. When I read that, I realised that subbing is well and truly dead. It was not just that a sub-editor … Continue reading The Death of Newspaper Subbing

Society of the Perpetually Offended

BY BEN PENSANT Unless you’ve been asleep for the last month you can’t fail to have noticed Stop Funding Hate breaking the internet after self-righteously hounding Paperchase and Pizza Hut for doing promotions with newspapers they don’t like. As a result, they’ve been recruiting new supporters daily, some of whom have even read up on the campaign, and SFH’s stated aim of political censorship-via-corporate blackmail. … Continue reading Society of the Perpetually Offended

University Greed

BY JAMIE FOSTER A Daily Mail investigation has revealed that top universities are using wealth screening organisations to spy on their alumni to discover if they are likely to make donations. Millions of graduates have had their details passed to such organisations. If their consent wasn’t obtained to do this, then the universities may have broken the law. A number of charities were fined last … Continue reading University Greed

From Undressed to Impress

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN As we’ve found for ourselves during these first two months here at Country Squire Magazine, the public read what takes their fancy. They don’t read any old thing thrust in their faces. The process of knowing what tickles one’s readers is a process of trial and error. Success emanates from dexterously riding waves of public interest and by reflecting their will, as … Continue reading From Undressed to Impress