‘Tell Sid’ Needs a Reboot

THE CITY GRUMP Why aren’t we investing enough in British companies so that they can up their game on growth? Well according to the great and the good , it is because those pesky pension funds don’t invest enough in equities and invest far too much in bonds. This is reverse ferreting on an epic scale. Until a few months ago everyone from the pensions … Continue reading ‘Tell Sid’ Needs a Reboot

How to Better Invest a Large Sum of Money

When investing a substantial sum of money, you need to be very careful. Your decisions could have an immense effect on your financial future, so it’s essential to have an organized plan in place. In this article, we’ll look at some tips for successfully investing a windfall, such as an inheritance or a big lottery jackpot. But first, let’s learn a few things that one … Continue reading How to Better Invest a Large Sum of Money

Time for Branson to Step Out of the Spotlight?

CITY GRUMP I see Richard Branson is not done with the investing public yet as “VG Acquisition Corp intends to sell 40 million units at an individual price of $10. The company said it plans to “search for targets that operate in consumer-facing industries in the U.S. and Western Europe.” It added it will focus on “businesses that provide consumer experiences in the sectors in which Virgin … Continue reading Time for Branson to Step Out of the Spotlight?

The City will be Fine

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Another dinner party. Another Remoaner over-refreshed courtesy of a paddling pool quantity of Sauvignon Blanc… this time the remoaning rant concerning the “imminent destruction” of the City of London because of Brexit. I confess that of late I’ve been having some rather bad luck with dinner parties. Back in July I attended a dinner in Hampshire at which some remoaner complained that … Continue reading The City will be Fine

A Pensions Mega Crash?

BY LINUS WOODS I’m not a doom and gloom kind of guy. In fact I am quite the opposite. I own and run my own business, which isn’t something many pessimists tend to do. My accountant called me and explained about the government’s legislation regarding compulsory employee pensions contributions (workplace pensions) increasing in April 2018. Obviously I knew about it; everyone needs a decent pension … Continue reading A Pensions Mega Crash?


BY JAMES CAMPBELL You will have heard the term ‘passporting’ a great deal in the media of late.  The concept is not easy to understand for those not involved in the policy work and there is much dispute about its importance to UK-based businesses.  There has been some welcome clarification in a letter from Andrew Bailey (Chief Executive, Financial Conduct Authority) in a letter to … Continue reading Passporting