Kipling’s Future is Secure

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN The future of education will hinge around pupils’ skills at source valuing and judgment. In a world where the best teachers will be available to pupils in hologram format, what other skills will pupils have to hone? Stimulated beyond our imaginations, their task will be to ride the knowledge stream and skilfully embrace the real while avoiding the fake; recognising that at times secondary … Continue reading Kipling’s Future is Secure

The Genius of Mental Illness

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN There are great gaps in humans’ understanding of the brain. Even where science has come up with a discovery about a certain part of the brain, there are further scientists who argue that, until we know more about those other realms of the brain which are still a mystery, we have discovered nothing; mere random notes in a symphony which we still cannot … Continue reading The Genius of Mental Illness