The Hollywood Massacre

BY TARQUIN SUTHERLAND It was a bloodletting like no other witnessed in recent times – if ever, in the modern age. For seven and a half minutes, the great and the good of Hollywood sat transfixed and slack-jawed at the sight of Ricky Gervais; treating the entire Hollywood construct – the studios, stars and execs, and in a wider sense the whole of the Liberal … Continue reading The Hollywood Massacre

Hollywood’s Stars are Dimming

BY JON ALEXANDER Earlier this month celebrated actress Meryl Streep gave a “brave” speech to a room full of Democrat supporters at the Golden Globes Award ceremony. And it was a great success if you read Democrat-supporting articles. But in what way was it brave? (Streep was basically meowing to a room full of cats…she wasn’t likely to get much opposition in there now, was she?) In … Continue reading Hollywood’s Stars are Dimming